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S1 BadRP & NVFL - 20/05/2019 ~ 19:30 Servertime

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Server and location: S1 - Rogovo

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): roughly around 19:30/19:50 Severtime.

Your in game name: Vadim Hora (textrp)

Names of allies involved: @Terra 

Name of suspect/s: No clue really, logs will show.

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://plays.tv/video/5ce320a8b48f721e5c/what-

Detailed description of the events: 

Me and Terra met up around Rogovo and saw someone running from some zombies. A Male voice yells for help as the situation goes on the voice switches to high pitched / trying to act as a female. AS we saved the person we start to role play and try to build up a situation with the suspect. We asked for payment , he says he has nothing because "he just spawned" - okay happens. If it was only that...mistakes happen to all of us ... but the story goes on. As Terras character Branka Betka asks for his name and explains that she will remember it, the suspect answers : "You can remember my asshole, bitch!" laughs and runs off.

Nothing much to say. We both initiated and killed the suspect, since he kept running and did not follow the commands.

The "rp" was senseless & utter shit and trollish. To run from 2 AK's in an open field is NVFL imo. 

Edited by Ron

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POV Betka Komarek:

I was walking through the field near Rogovo to meet up with @Ron - Vadim. We meet and make our way towards the rest of the Raiders.

While walking and RP'ing we see someone sprinting away from zeds. A female character model ran towards us, speaking with a male voice, asking for help. We started to shoot the zeds so we are able to roleplay with the person.
Once the zeds are dead, the person suddenly starts to speak in a high pitched voice, trying to pull of a more female voice, I assume.

I told the person that he owes us now some bullets for the saving. We made the person drop his backpack to see what he got as the person told us, he had no bullets.  The person told us that he "just spawned" to which I respond with "What???". He then goes on and tries to correct what he just said.

I then asked his name and told the person that I will remember her. The person then responded with "Remember my asshole bitch" and started to run away.

Ron initiated in text as she is a textRP'er. I initiated in voice.

The person did not stop and died.

The "RP", if you want to call it that, was bad and very dissapointing. Insulting two people, heavily armed, then running away, is NVFL.

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Hit/Kill Logs

Line 19933: 19:50:37 | Player "Pawel Panotzki"  hit by Player "Vadim Hora"  into Torso(34) for 60 damage (Bullet_762x39) with KA-M from 61.0274 meters 
Line 19934: 19:50:37 | Player "Pawel Panotzki" (DEAD)  hit by Player "Vadim Hora"  into Torso(26) for 60 damage (Bullet_762x39) with KA-M from 61.0274 meters 
Line 19935: 19:50:37 | Player "Pawel Panotzki" (DEAD)  killed by Player "Vadim Hora"  with KA-M from 61.0274 meters 


Connection Logs

Line 16897: 17:55:05 | Player "Betka Komarek" is connected 
Line 22004: 20:47:06 | Player "Betka Komarek" has been disconnected

Line 19654: 19:41:07 | Player "Vadim Hora" is connected 
Line 21915: 20:45:20 | Player "Vadim Hora" has been disconnected


Chat Logs

Line 19888: 19:46:39 | Chat("Vadim Hora": nice to see you too
Line 19890: 19:46:49 | Chat("Vadim Hora": yeah
Line 19894: 19:47:26 | Chat("Vadim Hora": anything interesting?
Line 19903: 19:48:16 | Chat("Vadim Hora": fucking retard.
Line 19909: 19:48:51 | Chat("Vadim Hora": You stupid fucking bitch
Line 19919: 19:49:18 | Chat("Vadim Hora": You will pay for this
Line 19921: 19:49:25 | Chat("Vadim Hora": Show your bag!
Line 19922: 19:49:35 | Chat("Vadim Hora": You owe us.
Line 19923: 19:49:44 | Chat("Vadim Hora": you just what?
Line 19924: 19:49:51 | Chat("Vadim Hora": mhm.
Line 19925: 19:50:08 | Chat("Vadim Hora": They ripped my jacket. *inspects himself*
Line 19926: 19:50:24 | Chat("Vadim Hora": stop or die
Line 20106: 19:54:29 | Chat("Vadim Hora": she deserved a slower death


Calling In:

@Pawek Panotzki - Pawel Panotzki


For their full and detailed PoV and any evidence they have. Furthermore due to their forum activity @Pawek Panotzki will be temp banned until they provide a PoV

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Not sure if GM's saw, I will point it out so it gets mentioned anyways.

While you watch the video keep in mind that it's suppose to be this character. So I also assume/report that @Pawek Panotzki spawned as the wrong player model and decided to spontaneous play a "character" without lore which is a big no no. 

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Well Dayz is glitching and as @Ronmentioned i spawned as the wrong character. So to not destroy the RP even further by speaking in my normal voice so i adjusted and tried to Roleplay as the female charachter i spawned as. Sorry if i destroyed both of you's POV of Roleplaying but i didn't do it with bad contensions... @Ron @Terra

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Thanks for the explanation @Pawek Panotzki. I understand that the game can be a bitch and sometimes it doesn't work to start with the character model you were planning to. I would never have reported you if it was only that. 

What were your intentions with that "role play" attempt, saying "remember my asshole bitch!" ?

Also did you really think you could run from two ak's in an open field? 

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@RonWell clearly you wrote "You fucking stupid bitch" and wrote "fucking retard" before i even said that. So for you to reporting me for saying "remember my asshole bitch" would be a reasonable response in my opinion and Is a bit hyprocriticle. This can be proven in the video you shared. 

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I reacted in character. So my character reacted to a female dragging infected towards him and his friend. I did not only insult you in a high pitched voice and ran off, like you did. The roleplay took a hostile turn for a reason. We stopped and role played with you, told you that you owe us, gave demands and asked your name. You had two people approaching you.

I was good to drop the report after an honest try of you to explain the situation or offer you a chat in discord. But instead of figuring out what went wrong, you try and fire back at me.

I hope staff puts more focus on the "What could the suspect have done better" parts in verdicts, so whitenames being let in get a chance to actually understand the rules they skip through. These experiences are reason why I argue to put in a harder whitelist on these servers.

F11 in the woods without someone being there and change models. Just because you want a diff. player model doesn't give you the right to ruin someone else's role play experience and trying to get you killed. That's sad and an annonying attitude. 


The role play attempt you made was pretty disappointing and the value for your characters life non existent. 

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First of all: Thank you for the apology even though I dont think you understand for what you even apologised, looking at your responds to Ron.

Spawing in as a wrong character model can happen and has happened to most of us.
What you should do if you do not want to play that character model:
1. Don't go to an area where you could run into people.
2. Go into the woods and kill the character model so you can respawn with as correct one.
3. If you run into someone with the wrong character model, you have mulitiple options to play the situation.
For example: If you are on a female model, you can start to TextRP instead of putting on a high pitched voice. You can tell the people who you ran into that you need to leave for meeting up with you friends, hoping they let you go. If they do not let you go, you can continue with the roleplay in text or you try to make them understand that you spawned in as the wrong model. For that you could go OOC in text which means out of characer.

You could type in chat: //wrong character model, i need to respawn. Sry

Be aware to never go OOC in voice and the use of OOC text should ONLY be used very very limited to not destroy the roleplay immersion of others.
If the people you ran into still dont let you go, you HAVE to move along and roleplay to the best of your abilities.


Rule: 3.7 OOC communication should only be done through text chat and only when absolutely necessary. You may not use OOC chat to casually chat with other players in game. Use the "//" prefix to indicate OOC text communication.

The moment we ran into you, we tried to roleplay with you. We saved your character (that is was the wrong character modell does not matter as we can not know this IC) and therefore we told you that you owed us now. Vadim insulted your character, that is correct. It is called roleplay.

To insult someone is not against the rules nor does it grant you any rights to harm another player - like you did here in this report:



You then insulted us and started to ran off. So far so good.

At this point we (Ron and myself) had no right to harm you just because you insulted us. What happend now is, we initiated on you, in text and voice. At this point, by you not complying to what we said "stop or die", we had the right to kill you.
Again: To insult someone ingame is NOT against the rules. If you get insulted it does NOT grant you any rights to harm/kill someone. For this you need to properly initiate. Please read the rules.

To get killed is what you wanted it seems by reading what you wrote to Ron in discord. "So I had to die". This could be seen as NVFL - No value for life. Here is the rule:


3.2 Your character must behave realistically and appropriately to the different situations you participate in, keeping the current world situation and context of post-apocalyptic world in mind. Do not act in a way that indicates no value for your characters life and survival. For example, attempting to kill people when heavily outnumbered, excessively talking back or insulting someone when taken hostage, or knowingly running into an area of active hostile engagement when not involved in the fight. Characters found guilty of breaking this rule will be permanently marked as dead.

You found yourself in a situation with two people initiating on you, heavily armed. You did not stop and therefore got killed.

Now, as we know by your own statement, you actually wanted to die as this was not your correct character model and because of this, you intentionally did not act realistically to the situation and you intentionally did not value your characters life in a roleplay situation, involving other people.

I hope this will help you to understand why we are not happy with the situation and for what you actually should have apologised for.


Edited by Terra

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Right, this is a pretty clear cut case. @Pawek Panotzki you are not allowed to just simply provoke people to gun you down just because you spawned with a wrong model, you are supposed to RP realistically at all times, RP fear and value your character's life, something that's clearly not shown in the video. On-top of that, you could've simply just said in the chat *you can see a man before you instead of a woman* and let the people know that you spawned with a wrong model and then RP as you would with your male character.

For that you've been found guilty of NVFL & BadRP, your character has been PK'd. 

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