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Intercepted Radio transcripts

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*Jager fixed his jump equipment to himself before reaching for his radio fresh with new batteries. His thickly gloved hands would move the dial switch activating his short range transceiver. Arising from the seat of his CMV-22b he glanced to the jumpmaster signaling they were ready.*

Jager: “Crusaders rise, affix jump gear, sound off upon completion”

*The red jump light now illuminating the small interior lit the men the dark sky. Slowly the ramp would creep to a level position revealing the rainy abyss awaiting them.*

Jumpmaster: “22 minutes till jump”

*The jumpmaster continued to mutter into his mic as the pilots moved into there holding pattern above the jump zone*

Crusader 2: Jump gear affixed and readied for jump

Crusader 3: Jump gear affixed and readied for jump

Crusader 4: Jump gear affixed and readied for jump

Crusader 5: Jump gear affixed and readied for jump

Crusader 6: Jump gear affixed and readied for jump

Crusader 7: Jump gear affixed and readied for jump

*The grizzled men stood a front Jager, weapons readied, pure adrenaline flowing through their veins, and parachutes weighing down there backs like the sacks of rocks they would ruck in training. He had never been more confident as he knew no matter what he would face they were prepared.*

Jager: “Form up boys 1 minute till jump. Too late to turn back now.”

*As if an eternity had passed the jump master moved to his position and muttered one last time into his mic. Standing straight as an arrow he turned to the men saturated in the bright fluorescent green of the jump light. and fashioning a perfect knife with his hand moved to salute the men*

Jumpmaster: “JUMP IS A GO, MOVE,MOVE, MOVE.”

*One by one the men followed Jager as they jumped grown the safety supplied by the aircraft and into the night sky. The small red lights attached to their boots heel pierced thru the nights blur before being smothered by the a clouds ferocious haze.*

Jager: “7,000. 6,000. 5,000. 4,000. TILL VALHALLA.”

*Jager ripped with the force of an oxe on the cord and felt as his chute ripped him back and into the grip of the bleak sky. Upon looking up he watched as slowly the lights of his men would pierce the thick cloud and chutes soon deployed.”

Jager: “Proceed to drop zone “figarosa” and dig in upon landing. We are to leave no trace of our entrance.”

*Ground quickly approaching he would move to pull back on the guidelines of his chute causing it to flare. Only meters from the ground now he extended his legs and prepped of the landing. His boots pierced the wet ground and he quickly disconnected his chute and gathering it to dispose of. He stuffed it into a a rabbits den before covering with dirt. Now ready to move he pulled his rifle and set off to the rally point prepared once more to face the undead hordes he thought he had left behind only weeks ago.

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