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*IMPORTANT MESSAGE* Live Broadcast Of Execution Of Chedaki Member.

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*The radio would receive static and there would be grunts in the background as Allan clears his throat*

"This is Allan Grey. Enough of our friends have died to the Chedaki."

"it is time for revenge, payback, and a little bit of poetic justice."

"Go on, say what we rehearsed."

*A chernarussian accent could be heard*

"Fuck.... Slava Chernarus"

*Allan takes the radio away from his mouth*

"Thank you."

*There is relentless gunfire, with the sound of a body hitting the floor, followed by high-fives and deep breathes of relief.*

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*Khabib talks into his radio

"Nice man, you gunna get grappling lessons for free."

*Khabib puts his radio down and continues grappling

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A Chernarussian man - Skala - decides to chime in shortly after this. At least, one could think he is Chernarussian, since the accent might roughly match, despite the somewhat muffled voice. Obviously, speaking in English.


<:: "I think this is a bit of justice, seeing as the Chedaki relentlessly pursued and eventually killed a UN officer I wanted to meet. Thank you, sincerely."



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He presses his PTT while he does a headcount, he notices that none of his bratr's are gone

"I am not missing any of my bratr's"

"I think you killed someone of the Kemenici"

"Thanks for that."

He releases the PTT and leans back

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