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Luke, I made it to the camp!

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*Thomas would press the PTT*

Luke? Are you there? Can you hear me?

This is Thomas. Thomas Wilson. We met in the south, close to Elektro, and we run together to Kabanino, where you got shot by that idiot named Hondo... I hope that you will recover soon!

I asked Katie, one of the best nurses in Chernarus to take care of you. I trust her and I know that you will be ok.

In the end I made it to the Moon camp. It is run by very friendly people. I think that their boss is called "Matthew". You should come here too! They did not allow me in because they say that it is the first day they see me, and they don't trust me yet, but they will allow me to enter soon if I go and visit them every day, to gain their trust. They say that, if they think that I am fine, they will eventually give me a room in one of their towers! Can you imagine? A tower! Like a king!

Please, recover soon and meet me there. I took your cap so that it would not get lost, but I will give it back to you when we meet again!

*He would release the PTT*

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