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47.7 Allie's response

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*Allyson tunes her radio to 47.7 after hearing Benedict's response*

"Hey Benedict.. this is Allie. I know I can pull my weight just by hunting and gathering what's left of the old world's resources, I could show you what I've gathered over the last few days. Do you mind if we meet up? I am near a city I've heard someone describe as "Zelenogorsk"."

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*Falk can be seen with David with what seems like A large gas tank and pouring supplies into it, He hears the radio and grabs and presses the PTT*

I won't be able to make it down there for a few hours, I've got to finish this shit off, If you give me around four hours I can meet you somewhere?

*Falk lets go of the PTT* 


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*Allyson immediately answers after the message cuts out*

"I should still be awake in four hours, I'll turn my radio on in three just to be safe."

*Allyson exhales a sigh of relief after releasing from the PTT, hoping that there's good to come.*

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