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*A young woman's voice with a Midwestern, American accent opens up onto a frequency*

"Hello? ... If anyone hear's this, my name is Allie... I think I'm seventeen or eighteen at this point and I have been surviving with a couple family members up until a couple months ago..."

*Allyson takes a deep breath, remembering the moment she had to bash her late father's head in with a crowbar. A moment that has left its scar, like many other recent ones have.*

"I know there's more of you out there.. more bad than good, I'm not even sure if I can trust a voice on the radio these days.. I am in the search of a community that still has its morals. I have medical supplies and drugs to offer for my stay, I just want a safe place to sleep at night.."

*She pauses, trying to think of what more to say before pressing back down onto the PTT*

"I am always looking for good ways to contribute.. I am not a soldier, but a survivor and I want to find a place where I can do good deeds until my final days I guess... Allie out."

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*Falk here's the poor kid on the radio and looks over at David and grabs the radio and presses the PTT*


Morals ain't really a thing anymore son, I've seen that morals can do to people and those around them. Now I ain't-a saint by any means, but if you are willing to pull your own weight, I believe I can help you.  My name is Benedict Falk, you can contact me at 47.7.


*Falk lets go of the PTT*

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*Nikolai reaches for his radio and presses down the PTT*

*Clears throat* Is thing fucking on? Stupid shit - ah, it is on.


 Привет, my name is Nikolai. I hear broadcast on radio, asking for safe place? Da.. There is safe place near Lopatino Castle, just south.. Big walls, lots of good people.

*Still holding on the PTT he takes a long drag from his cigarette*

Camp Eden.. Ask around for Camp Eden. If the place hasn't fallen already, you should find it soon.

*Nikolai releases the PTT*

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*Kyle hears camp eden and begins to proceed by pushing the ptt*

"Camp Eden is definiately the place to go. But it's a big community. I'm part of the Fifty Two, we recently had a big disagreement with some of our people and we have decided to move home due to our safety and we have found a better location. If you'd like to meet up and join a small knit community and get to know us let me know. Were very good people, we just want to get by, we don't look for trouble and we help those who are in need. If you'd like to talk more you can contact me here or on a more private frequency"

*Kyle would put his radio down before laying back down in his bed, closing his eyes to try and get some sleep*

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Ivona's feminine Eastern European voice cheerfully chimes in,

"Hello there other lady! I see lots and lots of men have chimed in on this... No surprise there. Apocalypse or not, some things never change, you know? In fact! They've gotten worse! Have fun going to strange camps with stranger people... I'm sure everything is totally fine, and nothing super, super bad will happen to you. Probably. Maybe. Buuuuut maybe not."

There is a pause for a moment before she gleefully adds,

"Okay! Have fun! Don't die! Or do, I don't really care!"

The transmission ends.

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*Allyson immediately grabs her notebook upon hearing Nikolai and Kyle, writing down "Lopatino Castle"*

"Thank you for the responses, looks like Camp Eden might be a place to stop by then."

*Allie would let go of the PTT and hear Ivona's voice in the background*

"To be fair, nothing surprises me in this new world. I hold no expectations, but I feel like I have to try and do what's right anyways... Stay safe everyone, Allie out."

*Allie collects her supplies in the house she's taken refuge in and wanders off to potentially find her new home*

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*Grachi is sitting in a forest, holding a cold water bottle on his forehead and listening onto the radio. He sighs deeply and picks it up onto his hand and presses the ptt*

"Hey there, miss. My names Grachi, and I'm the leader of camp Eden. It's... It's not a bastion against the horrors of the world, or the most shiniest beacon of hope for man kind, but it's a place to definitely rest your legs, have a chat and meet people. It wont be the most safest place, nor the calmest. But most people there are good people. Usually. But you are welcome to visit or stay. I really don't pick the people who come in. So, see you here."

*He sets the radio down and gets up from the ground, heading back to his camp*

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