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S1 NWAF 19-05-2019 15:50

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Server and location: S1, NWAF.

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 19.5.2019. ~15:50.

Your in game name: Boris Kapylushny.

Names of allies involved: None.

Name of suspect/s: N/A.

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None.

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):


Detailed description of the events: 


My character has woken up (I connected to the server) and decided to check it's surroundings. As he was lurking around whilst he was on the roof he heard some shots. He quickly went to investigate it and possibly help the people involved.
As he was approaching the direction of the shots he saw two males fighting with zombies and one yelling help. He aided by shooting at the zombies. Right after that the trio introduced themselves, Boris also gave a firearm attachment to one of them and also received some water and antibiotics. The trio then went up to check the airfield and right after they have came to the tents they cleared the area of zombies. Meanwhile this was happening one of the individuals tried to handcuff Boris whilst he had a rifle in his arms (I tried avoiding that as it might of been a mistake). Right after that some shots could be heard and Boris decided to go and investigate it. He was stopped by one of the guys which said that they would head to the other small base North of the tents. Boris said he'd go investigate the shots and aid if possible.
The individual then attempted to handcuff Boris once again and Boris said there is not a need for that. Boris did not in any way initiate towards the men themselves. He just backed away for a little, trying to solve the situation by using conversational methods. The individual that tried to handcuff Boris ended hancuffing himself. Right after he wiggled out of his handcuffs he took his firearm out and without saying anything shot Boris to death.

Edited by Heron
Fixed video being bugged.

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Sorry to double post. Just posting a highlight of the VOD (so it is not lost).


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Guest Xehara

Kill Logs:

13:50:34 | Player "Boris Kapylushny" (DEAD) killed by Player "Harry Dahli" with USG-45 from 6.70195 meters 

Hit Logs:

13:50:34 | Player "Boris Kapylushny" hit by Player "Harry Dahli" with USG-45 from 7.00248 meters 
13:50:34 | Player "Boris Kapylushny" hit by Player "Harry Dahli" with USG-45 from 7.04563 meters 
13:50:34 | Player "Boris Kapylushny" hit by Player "Harry Dahli" with USG-45 from 6.70195 meters 
13:50:34 | Player "Boris Kapylushny" hit by Player "Harry Dahli" with USG-45 from 6.66271 meters 
14:05:36 | Player "Harry Dahli" hit by Player "Curtis Vaughn"  into RightLeg(6) for 8.5 damage (MeleeFist)
14:05:41 | Player "Harry Dahli" hit by Player "Curtis Vaughn"  into LeftArm(32) for 13 damage (MeleeFist_Heavy)

Connection Logs:

13:22:59 | Player "Boris Kapylushny" is connected 
13:51:02 | Player "Boris Kapylushny" has been disconnected 

13:12:28 | Player "Harry Dahli" is connected 
20:21:09 | Player "Harry Dahli" is connected

13:10:57 | Player "Curtis Vaughn" is connected
20:10:51 | Player "Curtis Vaughn" is connected
20:17:00 | Player "Curtis Vaughn" is connected
20:18:38 | Player "Curtis Vaughn" has been disconnected

Calling in:

@Heron - Boris Kapylushny | POSTED

@HarryGrimes - Harry Dahli | POSTED

@curtisA - Curtis VaughnPOSTED

For your full PoVs, as well as any video evidence of the situation you may have. 

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Harry Dahli POV: Me and my Friend Curtis were scouting out the NWAF for victims to eat. (as we're both RPing as cannibals) We saw a man an approached him, coming off as friendly as possible to gain his trust and later lure him into a trap. We went north up to scout a small base with him, in order to distract him. Once I thought he was distracted enough, I took out my handcuffs and attempted to tie his hands together, only to notice my own hands got tangled up in handcuffs. Now we knew that our plans were blown, so I shot at him as he pulled his weapon out to intimidate us. Would he not have pulled his weapon out and escalated the situation I would have told him to have gotten down on the floor, however  I was scared that I was going to get shot there and then so I did it first in order to protect myself and my friend. Me and Curtis then sat down and ate our meal.   (( @Xehara))

Edited by HarryGrimes

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Curtis Vaughn POV: Me and Harry were searching the military base for lonesome survivors to rob. Harry tried to cuff Boris but failed horribly. The rest has been explained by Harry.

Edited by curtisA

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Guest Xehara

@HarryGrimes - Invalid Kill (Roleplayed) 


@HarryGrimes, @curtisA and @Heron travel along the airfield together looting various spots. They travel towards the tents when @HarryGrimes tries to handcuff @Heron unsuccessfully. @HarryGrimes backs away, apologizes and stands still for a few moments before deciding to shoot @Heron

This was an Invalid Kill as there was no initiation. In the future, if you are going to try and handcuff somebody, initiate on them first and keep them in a stable position, so you can handcuff them uninterrupted. Fear of retribution does not grant you kill rights. 

The rule(s) that support this verdict can be found below:

  • 4.1 All initiations and hostile actions as well as their demands and conditions must be made clear and unambiguous to all involved players. Hostile actions or initiations must be done personally and on specific targets who must be aware who the attacker is, for example they cannot be done remotely through radio or PA system.


@HarryGrimes - Invalid Kill (Roleplayed) | Guilty - 3 day ban, 10 warning points

Signed by: @Onyx, @Samti and @Xehara

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