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Chedaki Frequency

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Yelena would take her radio, legs dangling from the edge of a roof as she states into the field. She looks down briefly over the flower tattooed in the palm of her hand and wrist before composing herself. She looked mentally exhausted. The Chernarussian would speak what would seem calmly.

"Ahoj Victor and friends of the Chedaki...

Your request from me and the man have been completed. 

It is up to the people what they do.


The radio would cut off as she falls flat on her back. Radio in her hand flops to her side as she is about to mumble under her breath before flinching at small footsteps near her.

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*Dimitri presses his PTT while loading the Ural with supplies, he would speak with a thick russian accent*

"Dakoy, Slava Chedaki"

*He releases the PTT*

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*Khabib talks into the radio*

"Chedaki, You want grapple?

I give you grapple lesson so you can stop run from people 

So, you want learn to smash?

Khabib grapple school in Vybor"

*Khabib puts down his radio and starts to grapple*


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