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Female character in game but my RP character is male

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This is a bug currently within DayZ. Character model roulette . Anytime you spawn in fresh onto the server or click the respawn. There's a high chance you will spawn in as the wrong character model.

What you will have to do is kill your current player model. And do so away from other players as to not interfere with roleplay or it can be seen as BadRP. This can be done from where you spawn generally by continually jumping off of a high cliff/ledge over and over until the character is dead or by finding infected and letting them kill you.

After your screen reads "YOU ARE DEAD," exit the server and customize your character. 

Rejoin the server after selecting your new customized character. Ta da! You will have entered the server with your preferred character model.

Do note that you will have to do this each time you get the "YOU ARE DEAD" screen or you will end up playing character model roulette again.

Hope this helps. Cheers.

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Another way to stop this is everytime you restart or launch the game go to you charecter an randomize it, then switch to whatever model you want.

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