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Stan, are you still out there?

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.::: Morgan would grab his radio from his backpack, turning on his gas lamp and holds down the PTT :::.

" H-Hello? I am looking for a person who g-goes by the name "Stan", If you hear this, I wanted to let you know that I am still around. I hope you're doing well, I spent some time alone wi-with freeman, the teddybear you gave me to -- cope, ya kn -- "

* A loud, repetitive banging can be heard on a door in the background. A thud is also heard as his radio fell from his hand, he can be heard mumbling to himself before it cuts to static *

.::: End of Transmission :::.

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"Morgan? I'm sti-- --re. Good to --ar fro- --u. We should meet up so--. I still have the same --ivat- -requency."

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