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(Open Frequency 102.5) Chedaki needs you

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*Dimitri presses his ptt with his boots on the table infront of him, the sound of several men conversing in russian could be heard in the background, he speaks with a thick russian accent*

"Privet comrades, it is time we all rise up and take back what is ours. This is a message to all ethnic russians and chernarussians that once belived in Lopotev and the times before 1990 when the soviet union ruled this land."

"the time when your kids could walk on the streets after dawn and be safe, the time when robberies and ciminal activities where next too none existent, when your mother and father had good insurance and safety in the hands of the goverment, no longer will we sit idle by as we have for long, we might have lost the civil war but our spirit is not broken and our will shall not falter."

"Comrades fight for your birthright, take up arms against these traitors and foreign invaders and join the fight for freedoom, Slava Chedaki."

*Dimitri releases his PTT as he hammers up another poster outside camp eden*


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Viktor smiles as he presses the PTT

Slava Chedaki 

He releases the PTT

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