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Word of warning - [Open Frequency]

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After carefully reloading and inspecting his weapons, Artemis grabs the radio from his vest while scannning the ghouls below him.

*wind whips from time to time; sounds like he is somewhere high up*

Hello. This is dr. Artemis. To anyone who can hear me. I advise to stay away from...uh...*paper shuffling* uh...Hobocekn and Hephoropck for the next couple of days. *cringes at the horrible pronunciation of the towns names*

Anyway, I will begin to methodically kill every single ghoul in these two towns, but considering their size, it's going to take a while to slaughter and then burn them all. It will be dangerous to just waltz in as they will be feral and I don't want stray bullets or ricochet to harm any living being.

Thats Hobocekn and Hephoropck, on the southern coast.

This is dr. Artemis. Stay safe.

*radio clicks off*



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At the sound of the name Artemis, Steven jumps up before realising that he hears a mans voice.

He presses the PTT for only a few seconds, with pure silence throughout.

"Thanks. I'll keep it in mind."

He releases the PTT and goes back to tending the injured girl by his side


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