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A Long Awaited Message

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*Radomir grasps for his radio whilst out running a horde of infected, struggling to find the button before pressing it down firmly*

"Bratr....Bratr do you hear me?"

*He pauses*

"It is Radomir, I have returned! Don't tell me you are dead, you are stupid but not stupid enough to leave me here by myself."

*He runs into a house and slams the door*

"You better still be out there..."

*Radomir releases the PTT and begins to cock back his pistol before shooting the infected from the window*

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*Dominik hears the static pop through his radio before the familiar voice announced itself. Dominik immediately dropped everything he was doing, and pulled the radio off of his chest rig, pulling it up to speak, pushing the PTT*

"BRATR! You are coming through loud and clear!"

*Dominik let's go for a second as he punches the air in excitement that his old friend has returned*

"You have returned from Jerusalem! How was it! How have you been! Bratr there are too many questions! I will come and find you! We will speak for days of your exploits! I am sure they will sing songs of them! Aha! You have brought a new life to Chernarus, I can already feel it! The deer won't even know what hit them! Ahaha!"

*Dominik settles down a bit and pulls out his map, looking to figure out which direction Radomir would have come from*

"I figure you'll be out in the west, as such so will I bratr, I will see you soon! OH, and let us not play joke, nobody kills Dominik, but Dominik."

*Dominik let's go of the PTT, but realises he forgot to say something and quickly pushes it again*


*Dominik releases the PTT and starts sprinting West, the ground shaking beneath the size of him*

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