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A question, and a call for some friends.

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*The PTT of the radio beeps, as a thick Australian accent pops in.*

"You cunts ever run into some fackin' laughing sheila? The kind that gets all up in ya' fackin' personal space and licks ya'?"

*It clicks off for a moment, and then sizzles back in.*

"Second off, and this is Craig by the way... Joe, fackin' uh... Tee-J, and the dude in that NBC suit? You find that place called Eden or whatever? And Joe, can you be my runnin' buddy from now on? Like the type of cunt that you don't leave the house without? Because if I'm honest right now, what just happened has made me scarred for me fackin' life, like bloody oath, *He chuckles*, you wouldn't fuckin' believe me if I told you through this radio."

*It clicks off.*

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*Your radio suddenly start buzzing with strange interferences*

Oh no, no, no, no, no silly. You don´t have to call your friends to protect you! You have ME now!

*Familiar crazy voice come from that interferences with giggling*

Your friendly next-door neighbour Rin! I am looking forward our next playing session my sweet dirty Craig!

* The voice start to laugh maniacally and than interferences stop*


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