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people ive met over the months

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*the radio slowly buzzes to life as Ross put a finger down on the PTT*

"this is Ross Godds most people i met i met while i was a member of the free medics but ive met a few people along the way and im trying to find old friends once again and also i want to just check if my old friends are still alive and well and if they are i would like to see them once again"

*the PTT is released and it fuzzes out*

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*Kyle hears the transmission and pushes the PTT*

"Yo.. Would probably be a good idea to leave some names my g. That way you can find the geezas you're tryna find ya get me? Anyway, i gotta get some food cooked for the lads so I better go - Good luck fam"

*He releases the PTT, puts the radio down and walks into the tent to get the food and cooking pot out ready to cook*


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