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This is Allan Grey. Need a hand?

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*Allan rubs his legs after a long day of walking, and grabs the PTT off his pack*

"Anyone out there? Anyone....Friendly, need any help? I am a doc- *static*  looking to he- *static*  so just let me know with a quick response. I'll be w- *static*  Tired of sitting on my ass all day."

*Hoping he made a good first impression with the people of Chernarus, he puts the PTT back on his bag.*

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Ivona piped up, her voice cheerful as she responded. 

"Hello! It's good to hear from someone else who cuts people open and enjoys digging around in them! I am a nurse... So it's nice to meet you doctor!"

She pauses for a moment to take a breath, her Eastern European voice chiming back in shortly.

"I just wanted to let you know doctor that somebody is probably going to tell you that it sounded like you had a dick in your mouth, because most of what you said was super, super jumbled up. I'M not necessarily saying it... I'm just saying someone else might..."

She stops and giggles momentarily.

"Anyway! Have a good day!"

The transmission ends.

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