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Hold button to finish action now?

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What's everyone's opinion of DayZ:SA 1.03's new method of the action mechanic (player environment)? I find it annoying I need to hold F to pickup items, (open doors?), building, etc.

I was wondering if this was toggleable to revert it to the way it was before with single press and the action does it's job.

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It's actually a big brain concept that the developers employ in their methodology over at Bohemia interactive studios. I'm not surprised it went over your head. It's pretty intelligent. It's called "One step forward two steps back" /s obviously. 

Yeah no I hate it and the new hair bugs they have now as well as the gate bugs. It's annoying. Some stuff is better and fixed but I haaaate some of the things the fucked up or changed. 

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I hate it too mate, wish we could toggle it but i'm yet to find a toggle so my guess is there isn't one 😕 Please can we have this reverted bohemia kthanksbye

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You hold F to put items from the ground into your hands and to drink water from wells. Personally i would like to see this reverted on most actions. I dont mind it much when it comes to having a way to get things quickly into your hands. Lets you keep your vision clear while you do it, but the downside is that if what you want is in a pile of other stuff then it makes it difficult to get exactly what you need.

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