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Synové Černarus [WIP / Open Recruitment]

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Bolat was born a couple of years before the second (civil) Chechen war, on a bright Sunday morning. His birth was like any other and due to him being the fourth sibling in his family, his birth was almost treated like a regular occasion and no special treatment was given to him. His mother, Anya was busy working all day in a factory nearby and his father Dzhamalay was busy working for the army as a Commander. Chechnya was thriving economically at the time and both his parents were well paid, even though his mother was working at the factory, she was working as a security consultant and his father was paid quite well by the then (corrupt) Chechen government due to a lot of the bribes he received. Bolat was raised to be a prideful man and is very proud of his country. He acknowledges all the wrongdoings that were done against Chechnya and has always had it in his mind that he will be seen as lesser by the Russian as well as the Ukrainian people. However, Bolat has a long temper and is able to take insults to his pride quite often, regardless of who or why they're aimed at. Bolat was radicalized quite early into his life by the Muslim culture and it was something that genuinely intrigued Bolat, he was taken in by the people behind the small groups of muslim believers and treated like family, something Bolat really needed at that time in his life due to own personal life issues. Shortly after he met Ibragim Zakayev who started radicalizing him even harder into the muslim culture and started teaching him about the wrongdoings of the western people and the manipulation of the lower and mid class against the muslim nations and their cultures. Bolat followed Ibragim and followed all his instructions. Shortly after he started preaching everything he was taught by Ibragim, trying to recruit more people into their circle. After acquiring a small group of people, they both decided to start moving into the Chernarussian region to start a new chapter down by Severograd. After moving there they started their own little mosque where they found people that were like-minded as well as people which were already firm believers. 


A few days after the apocalypse the core circle of friends that would operate the mosque in the Chernarussian chapter were all lost, having no way to get back with each other. It wouldn't be long before they found each other since they had no way getting out, they realized they had to stick together against all evil and protect each other. It was the day of reckoning and they had to protect their brothers. They decided to start going by Synové Černarus and swore to always protect each others backs.



Short term goals

Rebuild the mosque (by day 710)

Protect each other against all evil and all the people who go against our beliefs (by day 710)

Find the people who are behind the outbreak and punish them by the will of Allah (by day 715)

Start radicalizing more people into the group to get them to carry out missions (by day 715)

Long term goals

Rebuild the muslim community (by day 740)

Radicalize people into blindly following the will of Allah (by day 750)

Spread the word of Allah even to the nonbelievers, make our presence known within the eastern region of Chernarus (by day 740)


@JimRP - Bolat Aslakhanov

@G19RP - Ibragim Zakayev

@ScarRP - 

@NozzyRP -

@General Rickets - 



@RebelRP - 

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Hype boys

Time to spread the will of allah

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This looks pretty sick, love the graphics and logo, good luck

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oh. cool.

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