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The Lady In Blue [ Open Frequency ]

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A voice would fill the airwaves, crackling at times due to bad interference. White noise could be heard in the background if far from the coastal areas of South Zagoria.

Hello. Hello? Yes, hello. We are looking for information on the Queen of Severograd, her whereabouts, or anything she left behind. Mementos, information, booklets, anything. If you have any information or items RELATING to her, it would be greatly appreciated if we were contacted. Rewards negotiable, items will be paid for in rubles or something else, if requested. Information can be paid in rubles, but only if the information is valuable. Whereabouts are useful, firsthand accounts are useful. What she ate for breakfast 2 months into the outbreak is NOT useful, however, if out of the kindess of your heart you decide to say if it was an omellete or scambled eggs, it is still appreciated. 

Once again, this information is relating to the Queen of Severograd. Thank you for listening, end transmission.

He'd stop speaking, and let go of the transmitter button. He'd leave the radio on as he was organizing supply boxes, listening attentively for responses.

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*Falk picks up his radio and presses the PTT*


I was with her about three months ago, haven't seen her since. I have her radio thing, I'll get in contact.


*Falk lets go off the PTT*

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Meika responds to the radio nonchalantly whilst looking after one of the goats on the farm. She sounds young, about 13 to 14 years of age.

”Uhhhh I’m pretty sure she got killed by someone last I saw her. She was freaking out about Hondo and then poof, she dunderino’d. I dunno, you’d have to talk to Johnny I think his name was... I think... his a big slow guy.. but he was with me and other people that took to help him. Maybe that weird guy... Jacob? Yeah! He was like her boyfriend or slave or something... I dunno. Unless they skipped outta here...”

She shrugs, placing her radio on the table before attending back to her bow and arrow practice on the farmland.

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The voice returns, the crackling of static flows through the transiever.

Alarming, she left the country. A shame, indeed. If that IS the case, we request information on those affiliated to the Kingdom in general. Most specifically, soldiers and high-court members. Locations, names, and other things such as that shall be rewarded if found to bear fruit. Specific rewards are not specified, and depend on how helpful these finds lead us to the desired outcomes.

The voice pauses for a moment, then continues.

Specific radio frequencies, especially private ones, are extremely valuable. 40 Rubles. Possibly weapons, if found to lead to extreme fortune. Other forms of payment can be arranged. End transmission.

The voice fades away into the white noise once more.

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*Falk picks up his radio and presses the PTT*


If I bring her to you alive, I want 5 M4s and 3 AKs all loaded that's it. 

You might want to look on a roof of her's you might find something.


*Falk lets go of the PTT*

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*Boris hears and takes his radio*

"Hello The kingdom of Severograd ended like one and half a year ago"

"Its Gonna be hard finding her no one have really seen her in a year"

"I know alot of people from the Kingdom Of Severograd times I can share this information but not for free"

*Boris puts his radio down and waits for a reply*

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