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Chance, are you on this frequency? (Open Frequency)

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**Charlie "Chains" slides the radio from his pocket and puts it up to his mouth before pushing the PTT and taking a deep sigh before speaking**

"Chance, I don't know what frequency to find you on so I'm trying them all.  If you're out there, or if someone knows where I can find him, please let him know that Chains needs to speak with him about something.....important.  You can reach me on the radio here and we'll find a place to meet up and have a real talk."

**The radio goes dead**

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**Chance is surprised to hear his radio come to life with Charlies voice, Chance pulls the radio from his pocket and pushes the PTT with a concerned tone**

"Hey Charlie, It's Chance. Is everything okay? We can meet and talk sometime today, where would you like to meet?"

**Chance releases the PTT**


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