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S1: Invalid Execution/Stream Sniping in Kabanino - 2019-05-15 04:45

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Server and location: S1 / Kabanino

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-05-15 04:45

Your in game name: Roy "Hutch" Hutchinson

Names of allies involved: @lunathecat @duxpredator @Cracka_tee @Sacralegend

Name of suspect/s: @NorwayRP and other House members, Asylum members

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 

Chatbot proof @NorwayRP was in my stream


Clip of just the kill:

Full recording of the initiation up to the execution:

Detailed description of the events: 

I was with my boys looking for @lunathecat in Vybor. I got a radio message from @duxpredator that the House was spotted and tried rally the group to move while @duxpredator and @Sacralegend ran away. We started to move and were followed, obvious an initiation was about to happen. They took @lunathecat and I, let @Cracka_tee go. I tried to give the best RP possible for the duration of the situation. I was taken to NWAF to be questioned, where I complied and spoke honestly with everyone there. I didn't do anything, and the whole time I was told I would be fine if I complied and told the truth.

I was then taken to Kabanino to meet with the UN, but only one UN member was there who they didn't feel was qualified. I told them I needed to log soon, and we waited for quite a long time. The UN questioned me after quite a long time of me sitting there, when I told them I needed to log soon in OOC. I then also asked them for log rights, and granted the same for them. I continued to comply and answer every question open and honestly. They then took me to the entrance of the area, where I stood for a few seconds while they questioned what to do with me. One of them then gunned me down after fully complying for about 50 mins.

I would like to add: shortly before the House showed up to the situation (I believe while we were on the way to Vybor), I glanced at my viewer list for my chat bot (prior to midnight, on the 14th),  and noticed @NorwayRP's Twitch name in my viewer list. Norway has never once said anything in my stream, doesn't follow me, and this isn't the first time I've noticed this happening. The screenshot above is from my users list that is saved, showing he was in my stream on the 14th.

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My POV: we run from Vyshnoye to Vybor to meet @lunathecat, while on the road between Kabanino and Vybor we meet up with Luna and shortly after the house boys show up,

@duxpredator and @Sacralegend catch on to whats about to happen and run off. Shortly after me @RiZStream and @lunathecat begin to jog through the field and the house boys initiate on us, i am told by @NorwayRP that i can put my hands down and leave.

i run off and hide in the little house on the entrance of nw airfield that is connected to the road between Kab and Vybor and see the house boys running @RiZStream through the airfield,

 i then decide  to loot the close buildings of the airfield for a while and see them running @RiZStream back through the airfield towards kab and decide to follow without getting seen.

i relog in a barn because i get bugged, change my clothes and run through Kab to see the event still going on after like 45 minutes @NorwayRP sees me coming down the road and runs out to see who i am, we speak briefly then  i carry on running down the road and log in a nearby house in Kab.

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Hit logs:

04:40:58 | Player "Roy Hutchinson" hit by Player "Hondo Hunt" into LeftArm(32) for 34 damage (Bullet_556x45) with M4-A1 from 1.68861 meters 
04:40:58 | Player "Roy Hutchinson" hit by Player "Hondo Hunt" into Torso(24) for 34 damage (Bullet_556x45) with M4-A1 from 1.68861 meters 
04:40:58 | Player "Roy Hutchinson" hit by Player "Hondo Hunt" into Torso(24) for 34 damage (Bullet_556x45) with M4-A1 from 1.68861 meters 
04:40:58 | Player "Roy Hutchinson" hit by Player "Hondo Hunt" into LeftArm(21) for 34 damage (Bullet_556x45) with M4-A1 from 1.49426 meters 
04:40:58 | Player "Roy Hutchinson" hit by Player "Hondo Hunt" into LeftArm(21) for 34 damage (Bullet_556x45) with M4-A1 from 1.3855 meters 
04:40:58 | Player "Roy Hutchinson" hit by Player "Hondo Hunt" into Torso(1) for 34 damage (Bullet_556x45) with M4-A1 from 1.75025 meters 
04:40:58 | Player "Roy Hutchinson" hit by Player "Hondo Hunt" into Torso(25) for 34 damage (Bullet_556x45) with M4-A1 from 1.75025 meters 
04:40:58 | Player "Roy Hutchinson" hit by Player "Hondo Hunt" into RightArm(30) for 34 damage (Bullet_556x45) with M4-A1 from 1.92171 meters 
04:40:58 | Player "Roy Hutchinson" hit by Player "Hondo Hunt" into Torso(1) for 34 damage (Bullet_556x45) with M4-A1 from 1.92171 meters 
04:40:58 | Player "Roy Hutchinson" hit by Player "Hondo Hunt" into Torso(1) for 34 damage (Bullet_556x45) with M4-A1 from 1.92171 meters 

04:41:06 | Player "Roy Hutchinson" (DEAD) hit by Player "Richter Cain" into Head(0) for 55 damage (Bullet_762x54) with VSD from 1.87252 meters 
04:41:06 | Player "Roy Hutchinson" (DEAD) hit by Player "Richter Cain" into Brain(37) for 55 damage (Bullet_762x54) with VSD from 1.87252 meters

Kill logs:

04:40:58 | Player "Roy Hutchinson" killed by Player "Hondo Hunt" with M4-A1 from 1.3855 meters 

chat logs:

04:27:52 | Chat("Roy Hutchinson": // perms to log shortly after this?
04:27:59 | Chat("Fyodr Belokov": /YES
04:28:08 | Chat("Jimmy Lorenzo": // perms on our end?
04:28:09 | Chat("Hondo Hunt": //After we finish the RP yeah

04:28:30 | Chat("Roy Hutchinson": // you guys have perms too
04:28:48 | Chat("Jimmy Lorenzo": // ty

Connection logs:

03:03:51 | Player "Roy Hutchinson" is connected

03:05:36 | Player "Fyodr Belokov" is connected
04:55:02 | Player "Fyodr Belokov" is connected
05:04:10 | Player "Fyodr Belokov" has been disconnected
05:06:21 | Player "Fyodr Belokov" is connected
08:19:08 | Player "Fyodr Belokov" has been disconnected

03:04:26 | Player "Jimmy Lorenzo" is connected
04:55:25 | Player "Jimmy Lorenzo" is connected
05:35:28 | Player "Jimmy Lorenzo" has been disconnected
05:39:03 | Player "Jimmy Lorenzo" is connected
07:15:56 | Player "Jimmy Lorenzo" has been disconnected

03:03:27 | Player "Hondo Hunt" is connected
04:52:56 | Player "Hondo Hunt" is connected
07:32:34 | Player "Hondo Hunt" has been disconnected

03:01:53 | Player "Richter Cain" is connected
-server restart 6 am-
18:26:54 | Player "Richter Cain" is connected
18:29:42 | Player "Richter Cain" has been disconnected

03:28:02 | Player "Grace Belladonna" is connected
04:55:25 | Player "Grace Belladonna" is connected
08:25:22 | Player "Grace Belladonna" has been disconnected

03:01:18 | Player "Nick Sauce" is connected
03:53:40 | Player "Nick Sauce" has been disconnected

03:04:39 | Player "Roy Copper" is connected
04:23:20 | Player "Roy Copper" has been disconnected
04:25:03 | Player "Roy Copper" is connected
04:37:02 | Player "Roy Copper" has been disconnected
04:55:54 | Player "Roy Copper" is connected
05:37:36 | Player "Roy Copper" has been disconnected

03:03:43 | Player "Arthur McMillan" is connected
03:53:42 | Player "Arthur McMillan" has been disconnected
05:23:10 | Player "Arthur McMillan" is connected
07:00:44 | Player "Arthur McMillan" has been disconnected

Calling in the following people for their full detailed pov and possible video evidence.


@Zero -  Richter Cain: POSTED

@MrPanda - Hondo Hunt: POSTED

@G19RP - Fyodr Belokov: POSTED

@ZorullRP - Jimmy Lorenzo: POSTED

and the named allies,

@lunathecat- Grace Belladonna: POSTED

@duxpredator- Nick Sauce: POSTED

@Cracka_tee - Ray Copper : POSTED

@Sacralegend - Arthur McMillan: POSTED



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Zero’s POV: Me and the crew were just trailing around the map looking for some RP through the night. Eventually we spot some individuals on the road from Vybor leading to the NWAF. The crew decides to run up on them and chat a little. After they chatted they realized it was someone they wanted to initiate on. I hang back and continue spotting as I’m not that armed as I handed off my rifle to G19 earlier. After they initiate I link up with them and head to the airfield.

We interrogate the individual and we come to an agreement that he is tell the UN what all his group has been doing. They were harboring and aiding what the local government and UN would label terrorists AKA Kamenici. He says he will tell the UN everything. I believe the OP was warned not to tel the UN he was being “forced” to say all these things. But I’m not entirely sure.

To put some details into perspective, I had met the OP IC weeks prior and agreed to help him obtain fALs for the house as he made a bad deal with him that wouldn’t have worked out without my help. I was siding with the OP through the entire thing and said if he did what we asked and didn’t say anything stupid he would be able to live and I could try to get him amnesty from the house.

After we RPed with him at the airfield I picked up his SVD so I could cover the crew. We then make our toward the UN camp for him to spill the beans. Once we get there we can’t find a UN officer so we have a lowly peon grunt record the confession. After the confession we exit the interrogation area only to overhear the OP tel the UN guy he was being forced to say all those things, making his confessions null and void meaning the UN wouldn’t blacklist Kamenici. 

Hondo overheard this and got upset that he broke the deal and blasted him. I was surprised at this. I only shot the OP AFTER he had died, in the head to make sure he would not come back alive as an infected. 

I don’t have any video evidence. I’m sorry. 

Edited by Zero

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Arthur's POV:

I was on the radio to @duxpredator and @RiZStream and was told to head to Vybor from Novy Sobor. I began running on my own and eventually was at the crossroads between Kabinino and Vybor where I met those mentioned above and a few others such as @lunathecat, @Cracka_tee, etc... Suddenly while talking and RPing 2 men walk up from the crossroads with automatic weapons and began just awkwardly talking. @duxpredator and I got a bad feeling and decided to wait for a moment no one was paying attention, slide into the bushes and take off running from the situation. We radio'd @RiZStream to do the same from a safe location but by then they had already held him up. Shortly after I logged out.

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Sauce's POV:

I was running with @RiZStream  to go looking for @lunathecat and then once we found her we talked for a little bit. (just East of Vybor at a crossroad) @Cracka_tee @lunathecat @RiZStream @Sacralegend , Dutch from Toymakers, and I were approached by two members who had weapons out, carriers, and no backpacks, which to me was an obvious sign of initiation. So I looked around for other people and saw no one else. So, then I tell @Sacralegend "Hey fooch, lets go to the beach" as a code word to leave. The two people who approached didn't follow as @Sacralegend and I walked away and then we ran away for a bit and shortly after Logged out.

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We take this guy hostage and after a while we decide to take him to the UN. We give him some demands I can't remember exactly what they were but the VOD probably shows. To my knowledge he breaks our demands and Panda shoots him.

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POV: We run into the OP around crossroads, then take him hostage and bring him to the airfield. After that, we make him go to UN and tell him not to say anything sus. He does, and Panda uses the execution rights he has to kill the man. He was a prominent member of Mac Tire who we have had numerous fights with that have resulted in the deaths of numerous of us and our allies. Seeing as he fucked us ICly, and he had rights Panda executed him.

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Hondo Hunt POV: Well we took this guy hostage cause he was with a hostile group that we have been in countless firefights with recently were people in my group died. He claims he is no longer in the group so we decided to take him to the UN to incriminate his group. We tell him to recite his story to them which he does then the UN guy asked if all the information given was at his own free will to which he responded with sometime along the lines of “Not really” which makes that whole thing a waste of time. Despite having execution rights from the previous hostilities we had given him strict orders not to do something to fuck this up which he made sure to do and got shot.

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I was told on multiple occasions by several of the House members that I was not allowed to lie. I was truthful the entire time. Me following your orders does not give you execution rights. I did nothing but comply, and not once was I told that I needed to tell the UN that I was there on my own free will.

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Graces Pov: Myself @RiZStream and @Cracka_tee(roy) where held up by House and Ryans ( @Lorcan) group. Roy was let go right away. I ask why I was here and was let go. they leave I leave, I run into @Eagle (I believe). Tell him some stuff. He says I should tell it to the rest. We head back to where they have hutch held up.  I explain what I know, which was not the truth apparently. They say we are going to the UN camp. From here I mainly just talk with Ryan while we are running and then in a barn.  

Things I would like to point out with this Vod

At 16:00 ish he is told to go to UN and tell them that Ryker's people are working with Kameníci

27:00 ish. He is told if he lies to the UN or changes his story what so even he will be executed.

No where in the vod(that I could see) was he told if he told the un he was hostage or there against his will he would be killed.

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Calling in @NorwayRP for his full and detailed PoV and any evidence he has.

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Norway POV:

Logged on after work in the midst of the boys being in a fight with Kamenici, I sprinted up north to Severograd but got there right as it ended. I regrouped with Panda and Lumen I think? We waited in the treeline to the south to re-initiate on them and fight a guerrilla war on them but, we ended up seeing Mac Tire leaving from the same place where our lads just got shot up as confirmed by @ZorullRP who survived the fight. We stalked them for around 15 minutes until we found @Kasealone in the woods. I take him hostage and after a brief run/chat I get enough information to confirm in my eyes that solidified Mac Tire as being Kamenici's pawns. Kase then decides to pull out his stashed MP7 and try to kill me but that failed and I killed him. We then find another Mac Tire guy running out towards Polana, we knew that they supported a settlement out towards that way so we followed suit and regrouped with the rest of the lads. We found @SquirtleKittyalong the way and we talked for a little before splitting off and continuing to Polana. Once arriving, we waited for around 30 minutes but nobody showed up. Since we knew of a few camps around that area we decided to go check those out. @Eagleand his guys split off and ran ahead and the House lads checked the Staroye camp. As we arrive at that camp I received a IC radio message from SquirtleKitty that she had ran into Mac Tire and she was running from them since they were hunting her. He all the immediately sprinted up North to the Triangle where we had last seen her. @Eagle's guys run into the OP and crew at Kab crossroads and since they knew those people were in Mac Tire (At this time we didn't know they had left the group) and called us in. Me and the lads sprinted up and spoke to them, my IC informant @Cracka_teewas with them at the time so we initiated on the entire group and afterwards let Roy go since he's got a free pass for helping out the lads.

We then took the OP into a secure building on the Airfield, and begun interrogating him. We got him to admit to us that Kamenici and Mac Tire were close and that they had been fighting us actively with Kamenici (Giving us Execution Rights, since now we know 100% that he personally had shot us in support of Kamenici) knowing this we decided to walk him down to the UN camp and convince him to tell the UN everything he just told us. To solidify that he will keep the story the same I warn him if he changes his story, or lies or anything like that he will die, I implied that he shouldn't tell the UN he's a hostage but I didn't state it in plain bold text so fair enough I get how the OP wouldn't understand, but it was heavily implied. We talk to the UN for around 15 minutes until I leave for a piss and to talk to @JkpFrog and @Zillyabout the whereabouts of Katie since I had been looking for her. @MrPandacalls out on the radio that the OP had just said to the UN he was a hostage so I walked up and called him out, RP'd for around 5 minutes then marched him outside to talk to Fydor @G19RP I asked him what the plan was and he said it was up to me so I did the thumbs down emote and Panda gassed him using the execution rights from his previous engagements with him while he was in Mac Tire.

As far as the stream sniping allegations, pretty much all I have to say is, lack of evidence. The OP was on the most trafficked road in the sever, in a large group of people, using a screen cap of me in the stream THE DAY PRIOR to the incident. The incident took place at 2am 5/15/19 and the screencap has no timestamp only a date for 5/14/19. On top of that this isn't the first time the OP throws out this accusation with no substance.

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Norway was in my viewer list prior to midnight, which is why the date shows the day before, and the initiation happened right around or after midnight. This was a clear stream sniping incident. There was no reason for you to be in game and on my stream at the same time, other than to find my whereabouts and use it to capture me.

Never once did anyone say I had to say I was there on my free will, and you did not have any execution rights on me.

Also, I don't appreciate being accused of throwing out accusations without substance, as I don't even like making these reports. There is solid evidence of everything posted above.

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Except for the fact you don't have a timestamp on the date? So how can you throw out accusations of stream-sniping if you don't actually have evidence? As you said before, you claim to have seen me in your stream, ok other than a single chat log of the day prior to the incident do you have any further proof? Also watching back on your VOD you were moving around consistently through high traffic areas, and didn't expect to be run into by a hostile group that frequents those areas. And when that hostile group finds you your first thought is stream sniping? It wasn't even the House that found you it was Eagle and Co. 

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A quick summary:

@RiZStream first meets the accused in VMC. In VMC the OP gets initiated on by the accused some talking happens and eventually, a deal gets made between the OP and the Accused, after the deal, they travel towards Kabanino where some RP happens before @RiZStream get shot down by @MrPanda in the middle of the street.


with that said, a team of staff members ruled the Invalid kill and the Stream-Sniping inconclusive due to insufficient evidence of @norway using the stream to get the upper hand in game and @MrPanda having kill rights or not BUT with that we have decided to rule badRP for @MrPanda due to the way he killed the OP as there was barely any RP leading to the moment of his death to a point it was only 1 guy talking in the street while the rest just stood around silently as we presume you where all discussing things on a 3rd party software (discord or Teamspeak)


Rules broken:





Please in the future Prioritise roleplaying out the situation instead of talking it out over a 3rd party software!



BadRP | @MrPanda | Guilty: 5 day ban + 10 warning points

Invalid Kill (Roleplayed) | @MrPanda| Inconclusive

Stream-sniping | @NorwayRP | Inconclusive


Signed: @Samti,  @Xehara  & @Mademoiselle

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