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Character cool down

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Character cool downs are when you deactivate an active character - They last 24 hours.

I'd recommend messaging a GM or higher if you have a character cool down by accident.

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I PKed my main charicter and made another one and dont have the abbility to chang it


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Once a character has been PKd, there is no way to reverse that, unless you message a GameMaster or Admin.

There should be an option beside your current character, looks like a flag. - Activate Character. 

Make sure to change your name in the Parameters of the DayZ Launcher as well.

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So, if you deactivate an active character you have a "character c/d" which lasts 24 hours. 

Send in a support ticket if you need to reactivate your character due to you deactivating it by accident 

Ahh so that's what you did.. if you perma killed you character you need to create a brand new character page. You can't use your old character page to create a new character

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