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S1-Troitskoe Invalid kill

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Server and location: S1

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-05-14, 19:30

Your in game name: Jacob Kras

Names of allies involved: None

Name of suspect/s: N/A

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):

Detailed description of the events: Reasonably told him to leave but I made sure he knew it was a command. I then told him that he shouldn't be here anyway because it is irradiated. He sighed then shot me and killed me.

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Hit Logs

19:21:50 | Player "Jacob Kras" hit by Player "Oliver OBrien"  into Head for 100 damage with BK-133 from 3.24864 meters 

Kill Logs

19:21:50 | Player "Jacob Kras" killed by Player "Oliver OBrien" with BK-133 from 3.24864 meters 

Connection Logs

19:17:44 | Player "Jacob Kras" is connected 

18:39:52 | Player "Oliver OBrien" is connected 

Calling in:

@Hex for their full and detailed PoV, please also provide any unedited video evidence you might as well as the name of any ally involved in the situation.

@Gaard | POSTED

@Hex |

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Hex's PoV:

So I was wandering around looking to gear up, making a route from the NEAF to the military bases and civilian stuffs. Upon reaching the Troitskoe military base I noticed a significant amount of buildup and decided to actually take a peek. I noticed a guy at the front dealing with zombies and stepped from the bushes to make myself known and not any sort of threat. I start talking to the OP, asking the light question or two about the base and was going to ask him a few more questions about why he would build here when I was told I would have to leave along with the OP raising his weapon at me and doing a bit of a bandit shuffle. I take a bit of time to weigh my options and eventually kill the OP not long later. 

To clarify I was not sneaking around prior to my appearance nor did I have any backup, I walked up to you and you gave me a command to do something against my will and raised your weapon. That is a clear threat of your intent which makes it an initiation. I would have preferred not to kill you, but I'm not one to turn and run from something like this + my character is no slouch, he can hold his own and believed this to be an opportunity to meet an organized group for the benefit of his own. In the end I was planning on looting around and moving on, you decided to initiate. 

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Hey I'd like to close this report, I messed up by filing this. The kill was a completely valid kill. I am a member of Potius Cras, so all kills against me are valid. The fact that the player was up in the irradiated/ bio hazard zone without a gas mask or protective gear as entirely different issue. I'd like this to be closed right now and I'd like to formally apologize to the staff team and Hex for putting up this report and wasting their time. Thank you for your time and patience.

Edited by Gaard

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The staff team has reviewed this report and agreed to close it. Please be mindful of the accusation you level against another player and make sure it fits the situation.

With that said, this report will now be closed.

Signed by: @Pontiff + notes

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