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Dear Ryker [Open Frequency]

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*There would be a click on the radio but silence before a females voice could be heard* 

Ryker, Mac Tyre Leader. Ive heard you wished to speak with me? Or us rather. You know for someone trying to play a big bad wolf you sure send a lot of people to do your bidding. 

Let me introduce myself. 

*the radio goes silent and you can hear the sharpening of a knife* 

My name is Phoenyxx but you already know that. 

I will cut straight to the case. You have threatened us several times in the last few days. I really don't appreciate it as it leaves a sour taste in my mouth, especially when you claim to stand for what we stand for.

So heres the simple answers: No. We wont merge with your group just because you think its for the better and you can keep us safe. 

No. We wont change our names. For someone who claims to be out there helping others you sure are aggressive over a group name. The Wolf Pack is easily distinguishable from Mac Tyre. Not everyone is Irish and knows the meaning. 

Armbands are negotiable because they are simply a piece of clothing however Ryker... I find it hilarious that you claim to rep yellow but we have come across many and no one ever has called us  Mac Tyre. No one has ever thought anything of us than a new group.  

*theres a soft female chuckle and some shifting around* 

You are bold to claim Chernarus as Mac Tyres "country" im sure the others that are listening to this frequency will be happy to hear that. 

You seem to have a lot of enemies Ryker, word of mouth travels fast. Is that why you feel the need to threaten us? To threaten to send us to our graves if we don't merge into your group? 

*theres a soft howl heard in the background as the radio falls silent* 

Ill return to the Vybor area in 7 days time. We can have a friendly chat there, no guns, no hostility. I'd like to meet you face to face. Im willing to make peace with your group if you are willing to but any signs of that not happening, beware we don't roam these roads alone and we don't tolerate assholes. 

*theres a clear radio click, allowing the frequency to be open once more*


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Ryker's eyebrow raises at the weird open frequency message and shrugs as he chuckles and nudges Spencer before pressing his PTT

"Oh well. I prefer Jackson, anyways. Much rather meet him, you just sound like Henry."

He releases the PTT

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*Spencers radio would click to life with the laughter of the rest of Mac Tire in the background*


"I'm sorry, who exactly is this? I'm guessing you're the group supposedly running around attempting to act like us. Let me give you a piece of advice. Take Ryker up on his offer"


*The laughter would resume as he releases the PTT*

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*she would press the PTT and speak quietly* 

You'll meet all three of us. And why don't you ask Ryker. He's only sent us several frequencies threatening us and sent others to threaten us. 

Also fact check real quick.. we aren't posing as anyone but ourselves. 

*She chuckles lightly and releases the ptt*

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