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Message to whom it concerns (open freq)

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*Grachi is sitting on the porch, waiting for a truck to pick him up and take to see a group of doctors, somewhere out of Chernarus. He picks up his radio from the pocket and presses the ptt.*

"Everyone. This is Grachi. Leader of camp Eden. I am making this broadcast to announce that if you are hunting or looking down Kazimir Yazov, old leader of Camp Eden, and the man who tortured me. I have made my peace with him. And if you decide not to care for my request, go ahead. I'm not stopping you. He seeks for redemption, and maybe he finds it somewhere. 

Also, I am leaving the country for few days... so, If someone has any buisness with me, my Radio is on. I can hear you and talk with you. So, stay safe everyone. And don't jump off myshkino dam, ok?"

*He sets the radio down and sighs, waiting for his ride.*

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*Robbie's eyes go a little wide at hearing Grachi's voice on the radio and the mention of Kazamir, reaching and pulling the radio fully out of his vest pocket and pushing down the button on the side, Robbie speaks clearly into it, a young teen's voice can be heard although a little raspy due to injury*

"I mean...if you want to steal Kazamir's pants and make him run around like a chicken still, feel free. Remember that redemption should come with some humility...but yeah Kazamir is human after all and made a mistake with what he did...hopefully people can forgive him."

*He releases the push button on the radio and places it back into the vest pocket, pulling closed the flap over it while sighing to himself and collapsing once more into a deep Oxy induced sleep*

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Yelena heavily sighs. The chernarussian voice comes down the radio, sounding slightly unimpressed but more disappointed.

"I don't know what and why Kazamir did what he did. And if anything, it is unacceptable behaviour."

Yelena pauses as she softly mumbles...

"Reminds me of other people."

She would seem a little annoyed when she says this.

"Grachi, I'm not sitting in a camp with men eating worms and doing situps all day. And being insulted because I'm chernarussian by ignorant people...
It's giving me a headache.
Hopefully we talk soon friend."

She places her radio down, itching the two flowers tattooed beneath her chin.

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