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Collectivist anarchism

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* You hear a crackling sound before an English accent chimes in. He speaks in a monotone voice.*

" Look, state and private ownership isn't a thing anymore. It was a corrupt and broken system to begin with, so why do some of the people I meet want to go back to that? Don't you think with the freedom that we've all been given we have a chance to do things different now? So many people are still actively against collectivism. Your own selfish desires blind you of the chance to do something great. There's gotta be more to this than just surviving. Ownership of land as a concept is bullshit anyway, and now nobody owns anything! But yet we still have people going around telling you who you are, what you should do, how doing what they say is in your best interest. There is a lack of cohesiveness right now and I'm sick of it. And those that do unite have some kind of hidden agenda or ulterior motive behind it. The people have been given back the power, and we don't know what to fuck to do with it. I'm preaching collectivist anarchism of course, and we as a species are half-way there already. We just need to collectivise. My name is Duncan Evans and I want to see the people unite in a world without the state."

* As the man finishes his rant there's a loud clicking before the transmission cuts out. *

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*An amused laughter rang through the transmission accompanied by  the metal thud sounding like a pipe*

"Now now, relax yourself. I can clearly tell what you are trying to achieve with your sharp tongue..."

*His laughter only growing more hysterical as he looked out upon Novaya, with his metal pipe in one hand and this "Toolbox" hanging down his back*

"Just as you said we are now living in a world with no rules, no judgement, no restrictions and unlike you many have grown to like their freedom and express them in more creative ways that the old world could ever achieve... As for myself I can't wait to make some "Friends". Being able to behave and think freely, without shackles nor cuffs is a gift that not many recieve."

*Silence would take place for a couple of seconds before he pressed down the PTT again*

"You would like to unite and gather, you are just as power and will-hungry as any of us"

"As for me, I am enjoying my time more than ever and so does everybody else. Everyone shall be invited to my little playtime, pain after all is a very pure emotion now isn't it?"

*Chuckling underneath his bandana he would just shake his head at the man, trying to accomplish what many tried over and over again

and failed*

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Posted (edited)

*Sitting on the hill looking at the distant trees swinging in the wind, Radan listens to the man talking, he then picks up the radio and responds*

" Hello, my name is Radan Perov. This is a message to the man named Duncan Evans. I heard your message loud and clear and I do believe that you and I have some things to talk about, face to face.

So, if you would accept, I would like to meet you, if possible maybe even today? I will keep my radio on and await your response."

*Radan sets his radio back on his hip and gathers his things before giving the last look to the scenery. He then tightens the belts on his bag and starts to jog down the hill.*

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*Dmitry sits down as he hears the transmission*

*while laughing he presses the PTT*

Ha! We already had one apocalypse almost wipe out all of humanity, do we really need a second one to wipe out the rest of us that are left? You commies preach a utopia that was impossible before and i'll tell give you a tip *he would whisper* it still is.

*He would let out a soft laugh, after a few seconds he starts speaking again, you can hear his grinning through his voice*

Your commie friends already went back to the mountains, perhaps you should join them? As for your collective all i'll say is, God gave us freedom to own our own private shit, and i'd like to keep it that way. 

*He would spit befire he let's go of the PTT*

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* There's a sharp crackle as the voice of Duncan can be heard. *

" I'm willing to meet with you Radan. Although I'm not sure of the time and location, I am interested in speaking with you. As for the rest of the voices on this frequency, you seem to fail to understand what I am saying. Or maybe you just refuse to see things the same way as me. Either way, I'm not wasting my time trying to justifying my ideals. "

* The transmission then cuts out. *

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*Radan takes his radio in rapid movement and clicks PTT*

"Well, once you decided where and when you want to meet, let me know. You might also find me most of my days around Gorka. So if you are around there, look me up."

*Radan sets his radio back on his hip*

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* Duncan chimes in again. *

" I can meet you in Gorka. I will try to get there tomorrow, but if something comes up don't hold it against me. "

* The message cuts out. *


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* Mr Evans clears his throat, thumbs through the book in his hand and begins to speak into the radio. *

“ The theory of statism as well as that of so-called ‘revolutionary dictatorship’ is based on the idea that a ‘privileged elite,’ consisting of those scientists and ‘doctrinaire revolutionists’ who believe that ‘theory is prior to social experience,’ should impose their preconceived scheme of social organisation on the people. The dictatorial power of this learned minority is concealed by the fiction of a pseudo-representative government which presumes to express the will of the people. ”

* The sound of someone chuckling can be heard in the brief pause between the quote. *

“ I'm not a Marxist. I'm not a Communist. I'm an Anarchist. Don't let things become regulated again. ”

* The message cuts out to the sound of wind blowing. *

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*Sergei hears the funny man and grabs his radio, a Chernarussian accent sweeps over the radio frequency(

"Holyyyyy shit. I haven't met an Anarchist yet... nonetheless, it won't matter."

"I do not accept puny infidels trying to plague the country with change. We have fought to rid the country of scum like you and we will not stop now."

"Democracy, Socialism, Oligarchy, Anarchism, they are all the same. Your fighting...it's useless."

"When we meet you, you will kneel to Communism and accept the Chedaki's claims and our fight for independence all the same, or you will die with your bright ideas."

"Slava Chedaki blyad, enjoy your fairy tale while you can."

*Hoping he got his point across, Sergei puts his radio down, mentally preparing himself for the many battles he will have to fight with his comrades.*

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