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The Traveler

Unnecessary Post (3 points) appeal

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):

Why the verdict is not fair:
I was hit with 3 points for an unnecessary post.  Now if I'd just put up the video and been like "lol kek memes" then i'd see your point. But I specifically made a point of refuting MatthewFC's post. Frankly? Assuming @Roland is some immoveable object who refuses to change stuff because "Wahhh , ma community, ma rules". Sure I did it in a humorous way, but christ alive we've had people make points in much less serious ways in the past and it be gucci. 

Which I think is an insult to his character and I made that opinion clear in the first sentence of the post. 

Hence the post was not unproductive to the topic at all, because I didn't see anyone else jumping to refute the BS thrown at Roland at that time... 

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: 
To address the video... (Which was not the whole post) It was a joke, we can have those during a serious discussion right? I injected a little bit of humour into the conversation because frankly... the UK parliament makes jokes that are less serious than what I posted... 

And frankly I don't think a joke at the end of a post that had a valid point to the conversation is warranting of the whole post being removed. 

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

Ideal case? Put my post back up and get rid of my points. But more realistic, put up the first sentence of my post again as it very much did have a point. 

What could you have done better?: 
I'd say not put any jokes at all, but I honestly believe having a joke in a post that has a serious point first shouldn't be a bad thing. 

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Greetings @The Traveler, a separate team of staff have reviewed your post and come to the conclusion that you did post in a contributing fashion. We do however recommend avoiding adding memes to topics of serious discussion going forward. 


Appeal accepted, points removed


Signed by @Zanaanwith notes. 

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