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*Lucian would hold down the PTT button.*

"Hello to anyone listening, some people call me Doc, some people call me Bishop. My real name is Lucian. Whatever you wanna call me, doesn’t matter. I got a shoppin list of things I'm looking for. If anyone finds the items I will pay in ammunition or fresh game. Harder to find items I am sure we can arrange some sort of deal."

*He pauses before saying the items.*

"One black denim jacket. As many glass bottles as you can find. Soft drink beverages like Pipsi, Nota Cola, Mountain Pew, Cocaine Energy drinks. Canned food items. Packaged seeds. Fertilizer. One large green tent. Two oil drum barrels. If you have any of these items just contact me on the radio and we can arrange a meeting."

*He would release the PTT button.*

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Posted (edited)

*Artemis takes out the radio from his vest and presses the PTT*

Hello, mister Doc-Bishop-Lucian. This is Artemis. I am in possesion of a few of the items you seek, IF you are able to provide transportation. I am reffering to the two oil drums and seeds/fertilizer. The barrels are in good condition, with minor exterior rust but able to hold water with very few issues. The lid on one of the barrel has a 2 by 2 cm hole in the right quadrant which needs to be fixed. 

I am willing to part with them if you provide transportation to and from the location of my stash and a fair price.


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Ivona's voice comes through on the radio,

"Hello there! You know... As a nurse, I kind of feel obligated to let you know that those soft drinks will end up killing you! Insulin is kind of hard to come by... So you know if you end up getting untreated diabetes then we're going to have to amputate your foot because of lack of circulation, and other nasty things."

She pauses to take a deep breath as she is talking rather quickly.

"Like you could go blind... Or you could have a stroke... Or a heart attack... And you'll have to pee a lot, and you might piss your pants which is pretty embarassing."

She continues to speak cheerfully.

"Let me know when you need something cut off!"

The transmission goes silent.

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