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Staff Feedback: TheMrGasMask

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Hello Survivors it's TheMrGasMask here with my Feedback page!


If you have any feedback please feel free to comment below but follow this template. Thank You 🍻


Link to the situation: (Use "N/A" if not appropriate.)

Any supporting evidence or notes: (Here you can post a screenshot, chat logs or anything else to help demonstrate your point,Use "N/A" if not appropriate".)

Feedback: (Here you post the main section of your feedback. Keep it respectful.)

Suggestions for improvement: (Use N/A if not appropriate. If bad feedback suggestions of improvement are required.)


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Link to the situation: N/A (handled via discord)

Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A

Feedback: Situation handled primarily through discord - from start to finish was cleared in 10 minutes (help getting old account name back). Seemed nice and easy to talk back'n'fourth to. Two thumbs up papi.

Suggestions for improvement: N/A
(GIF of gas mask men dancing is v scare however change pls)

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