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Yelena's Broadcast

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Yelena tugs her bag over her shoulder as she tucks her platinum blonde hair behind her ear. She continues to treck down the road before taking out her radio, in range more of the South Zagoria area. The native woman replies calmly.

"I'm hoping no one I know is dead...

I managed to clear my head up a bit more.

How is everything going, are any of you still down in Cherno? If so, I hope you know who aren't giving you the hassle like last time."

She pauses, chuckling to herself.

"Better yet, did anyone miss me? Probably not."

She shoves her radio back into her pocket. Her boots gritting against the gravel.

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*Grachi is laying on the bed, looking at his fucked up foot, and sighing deeply. He reaches out to his radio and presses the ptt to respond to an old friend.*

"Hey there... A familiar voice from the past, Yelena. We thought you were gone for good, me and Roza. And few others that are still around. And we are living at small camp south of Lopatinos castle now. A lot has... changed. A lot. And I did miss you. With every shot so far, but so did everyone else. I hope to see you soon."

*He grins to himself, just realizing that hes bending the broken finger, before dropping the radio to the floor, making him curse a colorful litany of swear words.*

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Yelena twists her head, sitting at a bridge which consisted of traintracks near the Northen Highway. Her eyes seemed red, like she had been crying. She listens to the voice. She takes her radio, replying to him. Her voice would seem ok.

"Grachi, so good to hear your alive.
Change is sometimes good. 
Glad to see certain people haven't gotten you killed yet."

There is a pause, a soft sigh coming from her end.

"Lopatino Castle? Ano, I can be there.
After all I came back to make sure the group was OK.
And Imrich has my gun, so I have to keep that to him."

One more brief pose.

"I'll be on my way. 

The radio shuts to silence.

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