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My fun day on Dayz

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I spawned into elektro bleeding and knocked out for 10 seconds, i get up and bandage myself and scream for help. 2 guys come in at the same time. one told me to ID myself, he was with a task force of some sort like a military police private organization. I was blood bagged and the 3 of us head to the church where we sent up a temporary base. one dude runs off, the officer didnt know him, then another one came up and the police dude gave him orders to find a whiskey bottle, he came back and accidently threw it while trying to engage some threats so he ran out for another one and was shooting off an enfield and a revolver on his way there and back, he came back empty handed. so the office saw him as a threat for not listening when we said to stop shooting so officer shot him to death and we ran into the school near the supermarket and heard someone asking for help, he accidently stepped off the roof of the school and died, the officer ran into the school and said to follow him. from there i lost him completely. as i was hanging around the school on the third floor, i was looking over the railing and went to press C to stand up and pressed V instead, causing me to Vault to my death. hahaha good time, officer if you see this i wish to join with you.

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