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new comer Alphawolf

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just waiting on the application but while I wait figure I'd  introduce my character upon approval.


Character name: Jackson Teller 

AKA:  Alphawolf


Pre-Outbreak Occupation : outlaw Motorcyclists/ Vice President (VP), Gun Runner

how I ended up in Chernarus:  running guns into Staroye  (CTAPOE) with my gang. Once arriving to Staroye  the outbreak hit and we got held up into the hospital. We started getting thirsty and Hungary,  so two of my guys and myself went out looking for any little bit of food we could find. We found a little bit of food, but got attacked by these zombies on our way back to the Hospital.  During the encounter  two of my members got bit then they started turning.  so I ran for my life into the church and got held up there for a few days. I started to reflect on my new life and decided to join a new group(bandit/raider group) and become a high ranking position within. Starting a new family within the world is so different now. but my street smarts will help me out regardless of this crazy outbreak.  Since then I left the church trying to find my way back to the hospital to rendezvous with the rest of my gang. But once I arrived it was the most  horrific thing I've ever seen. I thought I was in a nightmare. They were all killed and blood all over, only one of them were  alive somewhat who could barely talk a lot " he told me to run far away from here as possible before they come back"  I'm assuming they got attacked from another bandit group who raided us . I tried to find any type of materials left over. all I found was a sniper bullet, a pen and a piece of paper. I started writing to leave a message. I wrote " To whoever did this horrific event, I will be coming after you but not for revenge but to make sure you don't do this to the next group I will be stalking  you from afar." --   yours truly  Alphawolf   From this moment on I became Alphawolf!!  The lone  Biker gang VP was gone. I now have to survive on my own/ join a new faction and learn to adopt to my new environment with my one sniper bullet in my possession I will find my sniper rifle and let the hunting begin. 


-- Alphawolf

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welcome friand hope you enjoye your stay her 🙂

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Welcome to South Zagoria Survivor! Enjoy Your Stay 🍻

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Welcome to the community! 

Hope you enjoy your time here brother

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