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What Game of Thrones character are you?

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Seeing as the Game of Thrones is coming to an end soon. 

What character are you? Take the test here: http://mygotcharacter.com

My characters are:

1. Robert Baratheon, Traits:Jovial, Charismatic, Gluttonous


2. Robb Stark, Traits:Strong, Just, Honorable

3. Rodrik Cassel, Traits:Loyal , Courageous, Honorable


Would love to see which people the community are

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Honorable man with the honorable hands of course.

Secondary character was Catelyn Stark and Tertiary was Maester Luwin. Jeor was one of my favorites. This is a good thread Nozzald. 

Edit: This was in the wrong order apparently. Primary was probably Catelyn then and secondary was Jeor. 

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Got Mormont as well, Ser Barristan Selmy and Aemon Targaryen 



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Im proud

1. Ramsay Bolton


2. Gregor Clegane or The mountain

3. Khal Drogo


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Secondary Character:Ser Rodrik Cassel

Nickname:Master-at-Arms at Winterfell

Traits:Loyal , Courageous, Honorable

Your secondary character is Ser Rodrik Cassel. You are fiercely loyal to the people whom you deem worthy. Courage is another quality that you have in great abundance. While other may choose their words carefully, you have a tendency to speak your mind plainly and loudly, even though this sometimes gets you into trouble. You are not a natural diplomat but you are dutiful and can be relied upon to keep your word even in the most testing of circumstances. Is this accurate? Click the Facebook button to ask your friends:


Tertiary Character:Eddard Stark


Traits:Stoic, Inflexible, Naive

Your tertiary character is Eddard Stark. You have an unwavering sense of honor and justice and you value truth over convenience even if it means putting yourself in harm's way. You lack the ambition to grab power for yourself but you are trusted as competent and capable by those in power. You have a reserved personality, and some consider this a sign of coldness and disdain. You are strongly loyal to your family who consider you to be kind and caring. You're a stoic man and can face hardship without complaint. Is this accurate? Click the Facebook button to ask your friends:

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Got Jamie Lannister as secondary, and Robb Stark as tertiary

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1. Catelyn Stark

2. Maester Aemon

3. Tyrion Lannister

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1. Cersei Lannister

2. Jaime Lannister

3. Osha

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