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An Official House Announcement

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*Fyodr inspects a paper of The House's stock and stops at the Surface To Air Missiles*

"Hello people of Chernarus, it is Anarchy war dog, Fyodr Belokov here. This is my official withdraw from the camp near Lopatino castle. Any enemies of these people please be aware that the House's men are no longer operating here, and will NOT intervene with any activities taking part on the camp. With that, a man, "Kane" I believe his name was, he is dead. He chose the wrong path and had to be dealt with. With that being said, I hope all of you have a great day and the best of luck. Paka."

*Fyodr continues down the inventory before reading aloud and checking off "One canister of VX Gas" and placing it face down, releasing the PTT"

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