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Nigel B Hardman

Personal Journal - 04/08/19

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*takes a seat by the campfire*

*takes paper and a pen from bag, while cracking open a pipsi cola, begins to jot*


Today hasn’t turned out too bad. I started off almost losing my life to a group of infected. I got lost somewhere in the north-west end of Chernarus where I turned to my radio to make a frantic call for help. I didn’t hear a response at first but I came across two friendly survivors who were able to help me with directions. After a short conversation and trading of food, they agreed to take me back to their camp. This community was like no place I’ve seen before. If it wasn’t for these two I wouldn’t have known truly how many others like me there were. This camp had beautiful shelter and an abundance of like-minded people. They welcomed me in and gave me a tour but unfortunately I was arriving at a low point for the camp. I do not wish to reminisce on these memories but I plan to return there soon. I hope they continue to allow me to work alongside them, I’d love to have somewhere to stay.

- Mr.Stone

*stashes note along with other daily journals, has a rest*

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