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Why are hostages required to wait a CL timer if there’s no kill rights on them?


@Zanaan @Roland surely it’s no more complicated than thinking “have I done anything to give them rights?” If the answer is yes, wait your 30, if not, you’re free to log after breaking LoS.

I would also like to hear your opinion on the matter Zanaan and not a copy/paste response.

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This has been answered previously by @Roland here:



It is like that because it is much easier for people to understand, remember and follow a rule if it applies the same to everyone and at all times. If we keep adding those exceptions to rules depending on situation, side, etc it will get very complicated very fast because situations in game can get very complex.

Sure, it makes sense that someone who was taken hostage and was then released doesn't need to wait 30 minutes, but there are also other situations where CL rule should be enforced even when you are a victim or a defender, for example if you get initiated on and fight back. Or if a hostage is released and then his group goes after the hostage takers. I mean, there's so many different situations that can happen, giving hostages an outright "always ok to combat log after being released" is a loophole that I think will be taken advantage of.

So I think that one can suffer through those 30 minutes, and/or at worst case scenario ask hostage takers OOC for permission to log earlier. As simple as that.



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