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S1 - KOS - Pustoshka 20:36 - 28-04-2019 20:36 - 28-04-2019

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Server and location: Outside pustoshka 

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 20:36 - 28-04-2019

Your in game name: Pasha Novak

Names of allies involved: 

Name of suspect/s: General Rickets

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): 

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 

Detailed description of the events: (This was the same situation as this report https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/96590-s1-rdm-badrp-baiting-nlr-ruleplay-around-pusthoska-2036-28-04-2019/) I was Outside Pustoshka Watching as two of my allies were initiated on and I saw one of them shot dead. I took a shot towards the executer and missed my shot so I started to fall back. I started taking shots from the two initiators so I continued running into the trees. Upon entering the trees I took a potshot back at my followers. I was hit and ran farther into the tree line into a bush to bandage and hide. I sat in the bush for about a minute and a half. The two pursuers ran past me and I stayed in the bush to watch. I did not shoot as I knew I had no chance in close range combat with my Winchester. After they passed I moved out of the bush and was shot by Generel Rickets.

I Posted my Pov in that report but I feel like it was ignored and not looked into. I just recently realized that no punishment was dealt out for this situation And felt that I needed to make another report as the previous one was closed and for some reason this rule break was ignored.

Based of the attached image of a verdict from this report (https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/96593-s1-attempted-rdm-pustoshka-2040-ish-28-04-2019/) General rickets did not have Attacker rights on myself as he did not initiate on me and as a dynamic group they do not share Attacker rights.



Edited by Zman44

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Hit Logs:

20:34:50 | Player "Pasha Novak" hit by Player "Jebediah Foulke" with M4-A1 from 400.108 meters 
20:39:11 | Player "Pasha Novak" hit by Player "Jebediah Foulke" with M4-A1 from 280.46 meters 
20:41:25 | Player "Pasha Novak" hit by Player "Richard Thurman" with LAR from 60.3676 meters 
20:41:27 | Player "Pasha Novak" hit by Player "Richard Thurman" with LAR from 60.2051 meters

Kill Logs:

20:41:25 | Player "Pasha Novak" (DEAD) killed by Player "Richard Thurman" with LAR from 60.3676 meters

Connection Logs:

18:52:46 | Player "Pasha Novak" is connected
19:25:04 | Player "Pasha Novak" has been disconnected
19:42:23 | Player "Pasha Novak" is connected
19:57:54 | Player "Pasha Novak" has been disconnected
19:58:08 | Player "Pasha Novak" is connected
20:42:39 | Player "Pasha Novak" has been disconnected
20:47:23 | Player "Pasha Novak" is connected
21:20:53 | Player "Pasha Novak" has been disconnected

19:29:11 | Player "Jebediah Foulke" is connected
21:26:35 | Player "Jebediah Foulke" has been disconnected

19:31:53 | Player "Richard Thurman" is connected
21:26:32 | Player "Richard Thurman" has been disconnected

Calling in:

@Zman44 - Pasha Novak | POSTED

@General Rickets - Richard Thurman | POSTED

@ScarRP - Jebediah Foulke | POSTED

For their Full Detailed POV. Please also provide any other evidence that you may have of this situation. Along with listing all of your allies that were involved.

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POV : We initiate on 2 of OP's friends, the OP then tries to shoot us and save his friends. I then see where the OP is shooting from and shoot him once and he runs off, a bit after I see him again and shoot him once more and he runs again. A bit later after searching for him Rickets finds him and kills him. 

This report is 100 percent OOC driven and is only being put up because the OP's friend was banned from the community. 


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PoV: I am running towards some shots which my team mates have been taking I see the shooter running off into a bush I push and kill him.


I don’t remember anything specific due to the time span in between the reports and the simple fact that this seems to be more of an OOCly fueled report towards myself, as far as i’m aware there is nothing really changed in my PoV of much importance. I can’t remember nor state any if the intricacies involved in the situation nor can I remember much about what happened I only really have one question and that is why is the report put up now and not originally? If the OP felt that a rule was broken originally surely the report would have been put up immediately with the others rather than waiting for his friend to get banned and post it almost two weeks later.

Edited by General Rickets

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Greetings. The staff team have reviewed this report and come to a conclusion. In this situation @ScarRPinitiates on the OP and one of his friends, before pursuing the OP. @General Rickets then sees scar trading fire with @Zman44 and kills him. However in this situation as the house were the aggressive party they were working on attack rights, which cannot be shared dynamically. Due to this, and the fact that General Rickets did not initiate in the situation he will be found guilty of invalid kill.

Now on to the case of OOC hate/false report. There is no denying that zipcouda posted some rather distasteful comments in discord following his permaban, however that neither invalidates the legitimacy of the report, nor does his OOC hate transfer on to other individuals. As such the OP will be found not guilty in those regards. Furthermore this invalid kill should have been addressed in the prior report.


@General Rickets - Invalid Kill - on sight: Guilty - 7 days and 10 points

@Zman44 - OOC Hate / False Report - Not guilty 

@Zipcouda - OOC Hate - Guilty - Already removed from the community


Signed by @Zanaan, @Onyx, @Samti

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