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Ryan Shepherd

Ryan Shepherd - BadRP - 3 days

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 

Why the verdict is not fair: 

Im going to make this short and sweet, no need for paragraphs as @Jackfish has an appeal up already discussing the majority of points.


Moving onto the rulebreaks. First I will discuss the two accounts of BadRP. @Jackfish & @Ryan Shepherd as seen in the video you both showed no fear your lives while being initiated on and being told to drop your weapons. Both of you continue to back talk to the Hostage Takers, thus getting @Jackfish killed. 


Scar: Yo, stop and talk.
Shepherd: Whats up?
Scar: Whats up brother? Why are you running?
Shepherd: What are you talking about?
Scar: Im asking you.. Why are you running? Thats what im asking.
Shepherd: People Run y'know, its not against the law to run. Whats the problem?
Scar: Oh you boys think your slick with your boys in the bush or somethin'?
Shepherd: Go talk to them if you want. Whats your problem lad, do you want to copy our fasion, do you wanna talk to us, be our friend? What the fuck do you want?
Scar: Suck dick bitch.
Shepherd: Suck.. dick.. bitch?
Scar: Suck dick bitch.
Shepherd: Right.
Scar: Yeah, both of you suck dick.
Shepherd: Sweet, good chat.
Shepherd: So uhh.. again, what do you want?
Scar: Im waiting for my boys to talk to your boys down there.
Shepherd: Alright and what are we going to do then?
Scar: Why you running?
Shepherd: Uh why you chasing?
Scar: No, Im asking why you running?
Shepherd: We run cause you chase, why you chase, you understand?
Scar: Yeh yeh.
Shepherd: Yeah? Come on.
Scar: Yeh yeh.
Shepherd: Alright.
Jack: What do you want I dont understand?
Scar: Yeah I wanna know why are you running.
Scar: Both of you hands up or you are dead, Both of you hands up or you are dead, hands up or you are dead, both of em. Guns on the grounds, guns on the grounds, both of you guns on the ground, quickly bitch, quickly bitch,quickly bitch quickly bitch quickly bitch quickly bitch quickly bitch, alright one hand up listen, tell your boys if we take shots you are both dead, tell your boys or im going to kill you.
Shepherd: Alright lads, dont shoot or these or these two uh.. retards are going to shoot us so.. INSULT
JimRP: Watch your fucking mouth. WARNING
Scar: Call me a retard again and you are dead. Call me a retard again and you are dead bitch. WARNING

Jack: Fuck you.
Scar: Yep yep alright kill him.
JimRP: I said watch his mouth, move.
Scar: Lets go.
*Shot fired from behind*


Please read the spoiler above detailing every audible word spoken in the video I posted in the report to save time viewing the video.

I agree you must value your life at all times, that is why I reacted in a calm and collective way, the two men gave me zero reason to fear my life other than a gun in my face, sort of, I complied with every demand, I had no reason to quiver in my boots and start pleading for my life whilst I had my hands up, everything should be okay as long as I did as I was told. You have to value your life, not 'Fear RP' when initiated on. When relaying to 'my boys' not to shoot, I called the 2 instigators 'two retards.' Bare in mind his questions and... uh movements are rather questionable not really the fearful type. I am then warned to watch my mouth, I never speak afterwards against them. I know what comes next if I do. On one occasion I passed out an insult I fail to see how "Both of you continue to back talk to the Hostage Takers", 'continue' insinuating more than once. 

I called them retards, once, before being warned. I fail to see how that is BadRP?

Ive roleplayed a hostile character since 2014, I always find it best practice to give someone two/three warnings, along with something physical opposed to a straight blast on the first attempt, giving people the benefit of the doubt lets both parties enjoy the roleplay, obviously if they do it a second or a third time, fair dues, blast him.


Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: 

I would like to mention:

Why were position logs not posted with the accusations against Zorull or even questions asked regarding the NLR?

Why was the invalid kill on Zman by General Rickets not mentioned?

I am not going to comment on any biasm as we all know thats a dead horse and gets brushed under the carpet.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

BadRP revoked and points removed.

What could you have done better?: 

I could have refrained from calling the instigators 'two retards' at all I guess.


Thanks for reading, I understand this situation is causing quite a headache for everyone.


There is no Ruleplay here because he stated that they need to watch their mouths with his weapon raised, which is a demand and then he is showing a hostile threat with his weapon raised.


I'll admit that I did not state a condition vocally but you have to understand that the point of an initiation is that it needs to be clear that a hostile action has been made against your life and that it is being threatened if you don't do X, it is not stated that the person has to state any demands vocally, it's only stated that they need to be clear. So again, you can quite clearly understand your life is under threat if I point a gun at you and tell you to do something.

Edit: I would also like to clarify, at no point in the video did @JimRP raise his weapon (along with the 'demand')  as he claims in the report and as @RandyRP explains in the verdict, so how did he have the rights to shoot @Jackfish?


Edited by Ryan Shepherd

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A separate team of staff members have reviewed your appeal and the report in question, and have come to a conclusion.

We see no reason for you to have been convicted of BadRP. Had you repeatedly shittalked Scar and Jim, after being warned and threatened, this would be a different case, but you called them both retards once, being rebellious and rightly irritated ICly at getting caught in that position, before ceasing to backtalk after you are warned by Jim to watch your mouth. There is just not enough RP here for a solid BadRP verdict. As such, the following will apply:

Appeal Accepted. Points and ban removed.

Signed by: @Onyx & @lukaszxe

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