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Nigel B Hardman

I’m Lost, Please Help (Closed Frequency)

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*Plugs in battery to radio, lights flicker as I slowly press PTT for the first time*

Hello, if anybody can hear this i’m lost and I need help. I’m not sure where I am but I’ve come across an abandoned military base. There’s a large HQ with a few barracks surrounding it. This is my third attempt at reaching another human over the radio and I need food. I will continue to check my radio for noise but I can not waste my battery. 

*Waits a minute, no response*

*Saddened, unplugs the battery from the radio*

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*Anthony Turns on his radio*

Hello, This is Private Anthony Vitale with the United Nations. Based on what you have you may be in the Pavlovo military complex. Be aware of the infected in the location. We do need an exact location, find a street sign if you can safely.  Do you have enough food and water to sustain yourself?  If you need further assistance please do not hesitate to ask.

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*Decides to give the radio another go, presses PTT*

Hello again, I am the survivor who was lost without food. I was found by two others who brought me back to their camp where they informed me I was in the area of Vybor at the time of my last call. They supplied me with water, batteries, and a compass. I heard the UN ended up responding to my cry for help, if you guys hear this I appreciate it. Over. 

*Stashes radio in backpack*

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