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Warning points appeal

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 

Why the verdict is not fair: I understand why I got my points and ban, however it is unfair because there are other members of the community who are friends with the CoOwner, and in the same situation they do the same action and it doesn't get them a ban or points. How is this fair an unbiased?  The information was laid out in the report, and completely ignored by those handling the report.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

In the report bellow I will have you cast your view to General Rickets POV -

The part that matters of his pov - I was AFK due to IRL reasons and being refused perms to log but had to go anyway, I get back and stuff and I hear a load of commotion over the radio, I check in with whats going on and head over and my boys are taking shots. I hear some shots go off and move towards them spotting @Zman44 backing off after taking shots off scar, as he stands still in a bush I tap him in the head.

The problem I have with this is simple. I am there, watching Kai over watch my friendlies who get gunned down and killed. I start shooting at him as he targets my other members in the bushes and I start shooting at him. And because I didn't have KOS rights I received 2 day ban and 5 warning points. Probably because of the fact I didn't actually kill him is why I got 5 points instead of 10.

But then General Rickets in the same situation, when it is laid out in the report, goes and finds Zman who is using defense rights on Scar and JimRP, does not initiate and instead just shoots and kills him. General Rickets, because he is in a dynamic group and didn't initiate, he kosed and killed Zman. Either the GM completely ignored this, or intentionally did. I was punished for attempted rdm on someone who I didn't have kos rights on, and General Rickets actually kos's someone in the same situation, under the same reason, and dosn't get punished at all.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Points removed.

What could you have done better?: I understand that in a dynamic I need to initiate, and kill those who initiated on my group. However if some people are not getting punished for it, others shouldn't either.

Edit - It actually sounds like, based on the POV General Rickets posted, is that Scar was shooting at Zman and he didn't see Zman firing. Instead he just saw him in a bush and kosed him. Again I get banned and points exercising defense rights on someone who I didn't have rights on, but yet General Rickets gets to KOS someone he has no rights on.

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User has been removed from the community after flaming several staff members while being on 25 points, appeal denied.

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