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We are Hiring! (Open Frequency)

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*Jan sets up his microphone and presses the broadcast button on the mixing desk*

Goodmorning folks, 

Depressed cowboy here, with a question instead of a regular broadcast. Some of you might have heard our new radiobroadcast on 102.5MHZ. We have been pretty busy with getting everything up and running. Hope you guys have enjoyed it so far. Now let me get to the point. At the moment me and Alex are the only ones working on the broadcast, which honestly is quite hard. We are working our asses of just for half a hour of broadcast time. Now I'm asking you guys if you are or know someone that has experience with audio equipment or a musician that would want to join in. Make sure to let them know the following.

*Raises his voice*

We are hiring! That's right! 

*Lowers his voice again*

So folks, let me know if you are interesseted. I'm sure we can arrange something.

*Jan stops the broadcast and picks up a handheld radio to be able to hear if people respond*

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*Jan sadly presses down the broadcast button again*

Alright folks,

Not all at once please! no seriously.....  Alright I get it. There probably aren't a lot of sound-tecs and musicians out there, but at the moment we could really use any hand. We got multiple problems going on at the station. A lot of work needs to be done to get the broadcast out every day and supplies running low this week.

We'll probably not broadcast today. Our supplies don't fill themselves. Surely we'll be back later this week.

If anyone is still interested, make sure to let me know.

*Jan stops the broadcast and once again picks up his handheld radio*

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* The voice of an English man comes through the transmission. *

" Hey there Cowboy, I've been listening to your broadcast. A few of us have actually, but I don't have the talent to play a guitar upside down since I'm left-handed. But if I meet anyone with any musical talent, or a sound tech I'll sure as hell tell them you're looking for people. "

* You hear the sound of someone trying to tune a guitar as the message cuts out. *

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*out of boredom decides to reply, presses PTT*

”Howdy Partners! The name’s Mr.Stone, I used to be an AV tech in high school so I’m sure I still know my way around those pesky audio cables. I suppose I could help ya’ll find supplies if you need it too, give me the location of ya’ll’s station and I might be able to stop by tonight.”

*releases PTT, lays back down by the fireplace*

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*Jan plays back the tape recording he made while he was away. He hears multiple people talking throughout the recording. He goes back to his microphone and presses on the broadcast button*

Good to finally hear some people!

First of the English man. Atleast I assume. Thanks listening in. Also appreciate you looking around for us. If you need any help with a guitar, I could probably help you out with your left-hand issue.

Now Mr. Stone. Sounds great! A high school PA is a bit different than our radiostation though. But at the end of the day it's still the same old audio cables. We could indeed show you around, see if you like it. How about meeting in the town of Zelenogorsk this evening?

*Jan stops the broadcast and starts his tape recorder again*

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