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Nigel B Hardman

04/07/19 - Chernarus Mission Trip (Unknown Location)

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IIIII II - Infected 

II - Goats

I - Boar

I - Chickens

Well, I’m doing okay considering my circumstances. I was able to spot a group of goats and take down two of them. I’ve been starving. I found a nice large abandoned barn to set up a small campfire, being able to finally kick the boots off and enjoy a roast was great. For the first time I’ve come across a human as well. Gunshots rang out what sounded like doors down from where I was. It was a single nice man named Jack. He seemed to be in good shape and had no trouble leaving a mob of dead infected beings. I won’t forget Jack as being the first person I’ve met whose still sane, and I regret not asking more about what’s going on. He was nice enough to give me a compass and directed me to the coast. I plan to stay on the route of my Mission Trip and make my way to this city called Chernogorsk.

- Nigel B. Hardman


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