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Sorry (Open Frequancy)

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*He would attempt to pick up the radio whilest being surrounded by multiple men, the radio dropping once again before anything could be heard*

What am I saying i'm sorry?

*men could be heard talking in the background*

Hello this is Dr Scheaffer I'm so very sorry Teddy, wait don't you mean Theodor, Who's the other guys oh yep. George who? oh George Banks. Dah I'm sorry and I wont come looking for you again or whatever

*It would seem the man in the background would be telling him off*

Dah dah, dah I'm sorry and i wont do anything anymore, and to no one else

*he voice would sound extremely monotone and sarcastic, before the radio would go quiet*


*Around 15 minutes have passed since the last radio message, A man in hysterics could be heard.*

I lied I'm coming don't you worry, and I leave you more then a little scar on your back this time! Sometimes I like to walk around alone, and have little encounters like this. Keeps it fun. but there will be more of us next time don't you worry your little self, Little man and Georgee

*he would carry on laughing before depressing the ptt*

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*As Kyle is trying to fall asleep he hears a familiar voice on the radio and picks it up to listen to it. After listening to it he pushes the ptt*

Oh fuck me, you gotta be kiddin aint ya? I fuckin told em we should have put a bullet in the back of your head *pauses for a second or 2* you just never stop do you? first of all you enjoy the torture and secondly you're still going to try and fuck with us. You won't stop until you're dead will you?

*You hear Kyle shout* "I told you we should of killed him Teddy.."

*The radio transmission ends*



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*Emma laughs to herself before she presses down the PTT*

"What are you doing, doctor? You can't hurt innocent people like this.." 

*She chuckles softly to herself*

"If the mean doctor is hurting you then you can always come to me and play games. I will keep you safe.. Forever.."

*Emma smirks as she releases the PTT*

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Ryker's radio clicks on as he presses his PTT

"Very well, Guenther."

He simply says before releasing his PTT

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*Harry listens to the radio messages in suspens, before he could decide what to say he hears Guenthers second transmission and then presses the PTT yelling*

"GUENTHER you stupid idiot, had me worried. 

 *after a short pause and with a calmer voice*

" I'm coming too you, I would flip you off when I find you. BUT SOMEONE TOOK MY FUCKING FINGER!"

"See you soon friend"

*Harry releases the PTT*


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