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Is this a good character?

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Name: Ryan DeChart Height: 5’11 Weight: 165 Build: Skinny, Slight Muscle Tone

Playstyle: Vagabond, Survivor, Pacifist, Willing to defend himself and his friends due to blaming himself for his fiancés disappearance, but only aim to bring down hostiles in a non lethal manner. Quiet and Socially Awkward. Eagle Scout Survival.

Backstory: Accountant who went on a trip with his fiancée to Chernaraus, no friend and struggled with an internet addiction, with his only friend being his fiancée, who had switched degrees many times but believed she would get a groundbreaking photograph in Chernaraus due to the beautiful hills and the rumors and rich history around the area. Soon after arriving and staying at a small town near the border, they began to argue about accommodations and that she had expected something better, she called him worthless and told him to just go, so Ryan walked to nearest bar hoping she would text him in a few hours apologizing to him, but instead after drinking at the bar for a few hours there was a the sound of an explosion and gunfire, a Cherno Russian soldier came in and evacuated everyone in the bar to a nearby shelter, I pointed toward the building my fiancée and I had been staying at and pointed to my ring, the soldier shook his head and pushed me onto a truck loaded with other tourists and locals, he took us all up to a military camp and there we received tiny rations daily,I started hearing rumors of a infection that was spreading like a wildfire across the world, and that governments were falling and that money was becoming more and more worthless. My phone was no longer working and the texts I tried sending to my wife would constantly fail. one night I heard some of the soldiers using force to steal from the family that was in the tent next to me, these people couldn’t be trusted and they could come after me next... afraid for my life I grabbed what little I had and escaped the camp to search Chernaraus for my precious fiancée, she had to be alive somewhere and the border was closed off so there was no way she could’ve left. I started wandering Chernaraus looking for some sign of her, at first I hid from people and moved slowly, but now I had gathered the strength to start looking for survivors and asking for information that may

lead to her whereabouts.


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