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Finian's eyes opened slowly and painfully, he'd mistakenly chosen a resting spot in direct sunlight and once the sun had come up and the glare rested upon his face, he awoke to discomfort. His eyes again blurred and his face felt warm. He'd been dreaming of a better time. A mission he was sent on a few years back. At this point he was a ghost, nobody within the Corporation knew who he was except the high-level executives who assigned him the mission. He was given code-name Cu Sith, or Cusith, for its synonymous meaning with harbingering death and for its role in Scottish and Irish heritage. He was sent to Eastern Arabia to infiltrate a sovereign state and assess it's threat level to the Corporation. If the threat was certain, then Finian, or Cusith, was to assassinate all Government foundational leaders to ensure the country's downfall.

The Government itself had set up residence in a rich noble-like figure's mansion in the Southern part of the state. A private military company had been hired to protect the surrounding perimeter from trespassers as the leaders knew their sovereignty bolstered resistance from internal and external threats. Finian assessed the mansion from a distance atop a sand mound with his rifle and concluded that the best course of action was to either infiltrate the mansion, kill the leaders and escape without triggering any resistance from the guards or to kill from afar from 3 possible vantage points: atop a car park complex over 1500m away from the target, atop another sand mound 700m away from the target with views into the back garden or atop a skyscraper over 2000m away from the target with thermal imagery for armour and structural piercing capabilities.

Whilst deciding the best course of action, Finian heard the most peculiar noise... Panic... The alarm set up at the target was blaring. Something had happened and Finian hadn't the faintest idea what it was. He raised his rifle to his shoulder and peered through the 25x scope he'd made himself. There were bullet holes in the outer walls and in the windows of the first and second floors. Bodies lay across the interior of the mansion. Finian peered closer. The bodies that lay across the interior were the intended targets of his mission, the Government heads of the sovereign state. The mission was over. All the leaders had been killed... and before Finian even had to chance to decide how to complete the mission... he'd been beaten by an unknown assailant. 

CRACK. The sound of a bullet landing 2 feet away from Finian's right arm. Panic sets in again, he's about to be killed. Finian quickly raises his rifle, turns over on his side, scopes in and looks for his target as fast as humanly possible. It takes 5 milliseconds for Finian to spot the glare of the scope in the Arabian sun. It's about 800m out. As soon as Finian spots the target, he slides down the sand mound he was resting upon into cover. CRACK. Another shot lands a few feet away from Finian. The sheer noise of the impact makes Finian recoil heavily. "This guy is good. He knows how to shoot...". Finian reaches into his pocket for his sunglasses and pulls them out and immediately throws them out of cover. CRACK. Not even 2 milliseconds later, the glasses are dust in the sandy terrain. Finian doesn't know what to do... He knows where the target is, but can he shoot faster than 2 milliseconds after de-covering?

CRACK. Another shot lands behind Finian. From the number of shots he's taken, Finian knows he's using an AR and not a sniper rifle like he is. That gives Finian the advantage. One shot is all he needs. Finian closes his eyes and takes a deep breathe slowly in through his nose... He holds the breath for a second and breathes out. Now. He raises his rifle and lays down sliding himself along the terrain. He raises his foot above cover. CRACK. The bullet goes straight through Finian's boot. Click. BANG. The glare from the enemy sniper disappears and the shots stop. Finian isn't sure so he gets up as fast as he can and moves to a different overwatch position. The enemy sniper was atop the skyscraper, one of Finian's potential vantage points. 

After moving 100-150m away from his last location, Finian raises his rifle once more already aiming at the enemy sniper's last known location. Nothing in sight. He takes this opportunity to move further away from the initial firefight location. 6 minutes pass and the enemy sniper still hasn't appeared. Finian is now 800-900m away from his last location and 700m from the enemy sniper's vantage spot. Finian peers through his scope and sees the top of the tower but no sniper. He's moved... "Drop the fucking weapon. Now." The sound of a pistol's hammer being cocked against Finian's head alerts him to its presence.

How did he get behind him..? Finian was so careful... "I said drop it" Finian remembers the man's earlier words. His right-hand leaves the rifle's grip. "How did you get behind me..?" Finian asks nonchalantly. "I'm better" replies the assailant. "Whom do you work for?" he asks sternly. "If I told you that, they'd kill me" Finian explains. "I'll kill you" he says. "They're worse than you" Finian tells him. "Do you have ID?" he says as he frisks Finian for weapons. "Back pocket" he replies... There is a long pause as he reads the Identification...

"You're Corporation" he says... Finian's heart starts racing and he knows that his life is now over. "Me too" he continues... and he uncocks his pistol and lowers it from his head. "Fucking Corp... sending multiple operators on the same fucking mission" he says as he sighs. "Stop panicking kid, we're on the same team". Finian's shoulders untensed and his heart begins to calm. Finian slowly turns to meet his assailant's eyes. "Who are you?" Finian finally asks. "Who are you?" he replies with the same question. "Calm down kid" he continues. "I'm not gonna snitch on you for giving away your operator name". "Cusith... at the moment that is..." Finian replied wondering who this mystery sniper is. "Saineolai... but I think I'm known as the Basilisk now". Finian knew that name... Saineolai... He was the legend with the 0 per cent mission failure rate. Sain raised his hand to Finian to help him up from his prone position. Finian grabbed his hand and was hoisted up to his feet. "Thanks..." he muttered. "Don't be too mad that I finished the mission before ya kid, no hard feelings." That was the first time Finian met Sain... and it will not be the last.

Finian rubbed his eyes again whilst remembering that fateful day and gazing off into the sunlight of Chernarus. He will never forget. Ever.

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