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Tactical Monkey

Is Anybody Out There? [Open Frequency]

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* Sitting near his fireplace in another cold lonely night, takes out radio and pushes down the PTT button*

This is Jason Tamurov.

Its been 3 weeks since I got here, I keep hearing about settlements from the people I've come across but still nothing..

I kept hearing of a settlement in Pustoshka, but when I got there it was empty..

For weeks I've been alone, roaming around in desperate search of a settlement or community. I'm so tired of being alone..

Is there anyone still out there? Is anybody hearing this? Is there no refuge left...?

*Releases the PTT button, and lays down for another sleepless night*

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.::: Feeling glad he replaced his radio battery, he listens to the man till he finishes :::.

"Three weeks Jason? Shit must be a bit rough for you, hope you've not gone crazy just yet fella. If you don't know your way around, or the people around you then you need to be careful Jason. Not everyone out here still has their head screwed on."

"As for any settlements, I can't say I know of any public places that aren't ridden with raiders or cultists, but there are still normal faces out here."

"If you're really that alone Jason... Then find people. Find me, or us. If you want something mate, then go about getting it, don't fall into self-pity. Not everyone out here will bite your head off, but don't underestimate anyone or anything aha."

.::: He cuts the transmission hoping for a reply.  The sea of static returns :::.

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Jonah flips through the radio, hoping for his friends to be speaking, but all he hears is white noise. After a few minutes, the radio crackles, and the man prepares a reply. The voice would be faint if hearing from up north, but crystal clear if located from the southwestern portion of South Zagoria. He'd have an heavy Russian accent.

"Do not go North. The cannibals roam free, the slavers preform their specialty, and the rest want to take everything you own. Run. Run for hills, avoid roads. Stay to the dirt, not asphalt, yes? But. As the man said, there is hope. Head south, its safer there. There may be less to go around, but the cannibals here stay in the forests, the bandits here aren't deadly, and the settlements here stand for more than a month."

He pauses for a moment, as if pondering something he may regret.

"9600, 6470. You should be safe there. The guns here are weak, but we don't have anything worth taking so the evil keep to their half. Best of luck."

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