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Landing in Chernarus under the mask of dawn. Finian awoke with the sharp ringing in his ears caused by the gush of air from the recently opened helicopter door. The radio crackles to life amidst static. "Command, do you read me over?". The radio crackles again. "Loud and clear Honeybird. This is Command. What is your status over?". The radio statics for a moment and then a sharp crack. "Approaching rendezvous point. Extraction of civilian assets will commence shortly over.". The radio crackles to life once more. "Copy that Honeybird, proceed to the rendezvous point and extract civilian assets to HQ over.". With those final words, the radio falls silent once more. Finian rubs the sleep from his eyes and notices that he hasn't gotten that much sleep since the news reached HQ about his blood brother... A wave of emotion begins to approach him as he remembers the details of the news. Finian hits his temple hard with the palm of his hand, not realising his own strength. Despite this, the thoughts don't leave his head. He hits his temple once again but harder and firmly... just wishing he didn't care so fucking much. He misses him... He misses him more than anything...

The truth is, he hadn't seen the man in over a year but his time spent with Aran, or Operator Saineolai, was priceless to him and that Russian bastard took that away. "He is going regret that..." lingered in Finian's head along with the recent memories of his mental outbreak at HQ. The only reason he got to Chernarus was because of his very real threats upon the Corporation Executives and his now unparalleled skill with a rifle. That rifle that rested on his lap as he landed in the shithole that is Chernarus. That AWM with the Irish words "Tiocfaidh ár lá" carved just above the magazine slot. These words meant a lot to Finian. They help him remember his own personal ambitions within the Corporation and his people's struggle before the outbreak. Even in the face of the apocalypse, we never ended up getting that United Ireland. Finian sure as hell didn't have any hope of it happening now.

Feeling the weight of the helicopter land on the concrete of the rendezvous point indicated that it was time to move. Finian lifted the treasured rifle from his lap and slung it up on his back while sitting on the edge of the helicopter. It was a heavy rifle but Finian had become accustomed to it. There was a specific difference from his rifle to other rifles of that make. Finian, with his knowledge of guns, had replaced heavy internal components with lighter counterparts. This improved flexibility with the rifle and allowed for easier movement across long distances. Moving along the assigned pathways, he passed two masked individuals. From his quick scan of them, he deduced that they were both males, that one was under the age of 20 and the other was over the age of 40 and that they were locals of this land. He kept eyes forward, minding his own business. Directly behind Finian, was an Asian gentleman believed to be deployed with him. He didn't care enough to ask his name if he was important he'd find out later anyway.

Finian could feel his heart racing... His vision began to blur and the pit of his stomach curdled with each heavy step of his combat boots. He felt like he was collapsing and he knew why... "This place... this godforsaken place... took my fucking brother!". He regained control. His heart raced faster. His vision no longer blurred and the pit of his stomach still curdled... but with something else. Rage. Finian's grip on the leather sling of his AWM tightened. The weight of his step was reinforced by his commitment... his anger to find who did this to him... to his brother. An operator assigned with greeting both Finian and the Asian gentleman began to speak: "Operator Ulysses, Operator Denrei. Welcome to Chernarus forward base, we're excited to have your skills added to the Chernarus Operator pool." Within seconds, Finian had blanked the man and continued walking straight, stepping past the barrier and the men behind it. "Operator Ulysses wait!" Finian didn't care. He was sent here by his own volition, not by some Corporation lapdog. Within minutes, Finian had entered the forest just outside the rendezvous point and was gone... Both the man greeting them and Operator Denrei knew not to fuck with him at that point...

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