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New Nlr rule

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A situation happened where I think this would be considered a rule break but I'd rather have it clear and obvious rather than make a report just for the sake of clearing this up.
Now with your new rule that is one really confusing rule and this is the rule I question.

  • 3.4  Situation is considered the same as long as any side has active kill rights. Server restarts, crashes or other OOC events do not affect these restrictions or time limit. This is known as "New Life Rule" (NLR).

Now if I were to be with my group and I get killed in Kab from another approved group so all rights are continues until the timer runs out, either way, all my members now have rights on them even if they log in, a member from my group logs into kab after the hour has passed so by the old rule I wouldn't have to worry about anything correct? well with this new one if the same group rolled up and any of my members that had rights gets initiated on I would not be allowed to engage the enemy because the active situation from the prior situation is still ongoing as all of em still have active rights using them or not would not matter since by the wording in the rules I should not be there at all or even be around those people. 
So I ask is this how the rule works or no? Am I missing something?


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