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+ Mods for the minecraft server

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So it's been raised multiple times to me that people feel as though this pack is fairly underwhelming in terms of the mods and want other modpacks like allthemods and skyblock mods, but then there is an entire group of people who want something COMPLETELY the opposite and just want vanilla Pvp. So, personally I feel as though this pack is a fairly compromising sandwich in between the two. It will offer a medium for people to do very balanced Pvp (at the higher ends of the techie mods) and should have enough mods to do a lot of things with. 

However, it has been highlighted to me that people feel unhappy without some essential mods which have been excluded from the pack (tinkers construct, thaumic KAMI, server-side mods like /sethome etc..) so as a compromise, can you guys list the mods you would really like to see in the modpack? 

I will try to work with @Aeryes to make the modpack additions while also making sure the server files are hopefully mergable so we can add the mods without anybody losing their things.

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I struggle enough getting used to the current mods, thank god for @General Rickets


Making chests accessible when raiding would be nice, was very disappointed that I couldn’t raid @Roland base when I found it 😒

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I’m honestly fine with it. I like being able to do vanilla stuff without it feeling completely underpowered. +1 to tinkers though.

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