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Oh no! You've found an old journal Belonging to Daniel Pratt

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*You Skip to an unknown page number*

Day 12,

I've been in this country for twelve days... I miss them you know... My wife, my kids, my brother. I'm only here to Evacuate Doctor Ivanov Neilbraun. So far the bunkers have been empty, Overrun, or full of bandits... Once I find that Doctor I'm outta here...

*Ripped Page after page you flip through, until...* 

Day 58,

We've found him. Doctor Ivanov Neilbraun. We'll be flying out of here in 3 hours and hopefully going back to the states to solve this mess. We also have a Class A Bioweapon nicknamed, The Empty flu. Kills you in 51 minutes. Only 0.000001% of the population is immune. 

Day 59, FUCK! Our helicopter was shot down! 10 klicks north of Chernogorsk. Someone shot an RPG just as we took off. When we crashed I was thrown 35 meters from the crash, the others were stuck in the copter. I heard jeeps just as my hearing came back. I got as low as I could when they stepped out. Those sick bastards shot my Lieutenant, she was only 20! They took the doctor and my sergeant. I'm gonna rest up... try and find them tomorrow...

*Pages are missing, scattered about Chernarus. Perhaps you can uncover the story of The Colonel?*

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